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The Vibrant Moment and Fun, Mind Body Teleseminars

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    ** The Vibrant Moment **    Brought to you in the middle of the month by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.    Licensed Psychologist, Emotional Energy Expert, Speaker,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2005
      ** The Vibrant Moment **
         Brought to you in the middle of the month by Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
         Licensed Psychologist, Emotional Energy Expert, Speaker, Coach

      Please send in two tips/suggestions every six months or ask for specific help
      from the group to include in the newsletter.  No perfection required!  Please
      share your culture and observations.
      If you enjoy this newsletter, please forward it to your friends, colleagues
      and family.  
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      Due to great questions and challenging dialogues about my definition of
      judgmental energy, we will continue exploring the authentic nature of judgment.

      What is the difference between a fact and a judgment?

      A fact is honest, sincere and real.  The energy flows.  A fact is neither
      good or bad, right or wrong.  It simply is.........a lovely place to live.

      Judgment takes a fact, such as "your body is fat" and makes it wrong.  Or it
      takes a fact such as "my body is lean" and makes it right! 

      Any fact can have additional mental energy added on to its real existence. 
      Fat is not bad.  Lean is not good.  Only our human mind has learned to place
      this mental energy called judgment on top of facts!!

      As we have noted before, judgmental energy is rigid, brittle, stagnant, hard
      dense, dark and weak.  Noticing these qualities can help us learn how to
      recognize it.

      Animals have taught me much.  They do not judge.  They live with facts.  We
      need to become one with Mother Nature’s facts, thereby releasing our judgmental
      mind from its chains.

      It is interesting to note that praise is a more difficult judgment to
      overcome than punishment!  As good, little, perfect boys and girls, we have been
      conditioned into following the herd.  

      This mass consciousness is the most judgmental energy on the planet.  It is
      our perfect, little, judgmental monster that is in need of transformation.

      We can be judgmental about anything, such as how we dress, how you move, how
      we think, what you do.

      There is no right way to dress, move, think, or do!  The more creative we
      are, the more ways we can find to dress, move, think and do! 

      Notice how Judgment seriously limits our creativity, sexuality and other
      Vibrant Moments.

      The interesting psychological dynamics is that when we take on this
      judgmental energy and attitude, we are defending against our authentic feelings.

      It is to our advantage to become aware of emotional energy dynamics. When
      data such as being fat or lean, puts us in touch with feelings that we are
      blocking, repressing, or denying, we become uncomfortable.

      This uncomfortable state is avoided when we react by being offended,
      self-righteous or attacking.  It is the ego that is offended. It is the ego that wants
      control. As we know, the ego will do anything to keep us in control.

      Lucky for us, facts destroy the ego.  After all, the water killed the wicked
      witch when Dorothy threw the bucket of water on top of her.  Real water helps
      wash away that dark mental energy.

      People who are into personal growth love facts.  We look in the mirror often
      and observe the results of our actions.  We study the deep meaning of one of
      the statements in Aloha philosophy,  “Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth”.

      We also thank the Goddess for giving us a reality that exists outside of our
      conscious, judgmental mind. 

      There is a psychological law that applies equally, like all laws, do, to all
      of us.

      Psychological Law 1:  The energy that you give to others is composed of
      exactly the same energy that you experience yourself. 

      (The teleseminar March 24th at 7:00pm  will address this law and teach you
      how to “Eliminate the Two Ugly Sisters, Guilt and Judgment from Your Life”.
      Sign up at www.drjeanette.com/seminars.html)

      This psychological law helps us find the pathway to freedom. This means that
      if we become aware of our own self-judgment then  we have the ability to tame
      our judgmental monster.  Detailed information about how to succeed in
      transforming judgmental energy into loving energy, day-by-day and breath-by-breath, is
      available on the audio series, A Natural Process for Opening the Heart,

      Re-member: There is no right or wrong, only experiences to learn from. 

      So, get out there and enjoy learning, living, and growing. 

      Trust yourself and love yourself.  Create the life you want and the
      relationships you want.

      And I bless you with many Vibrant Moments along the way.

      Doris Jeanette

      (c) Copyright, January 15, 2005, Doris Jeanette
      Members Speak:

      Judgment is Timely neeliecal@...

      Thanks for the Newsletter...it’s ironic that you spoke of Judgments.
      This is what my daughter and I are struggling with, right now.

      Gifts for the New Year poetryqn@...

      The best gifts this time of year aren’t bought – they’re shared.
      Inexpensive and priceless, those little moments are some of the best
      that Life has to offer.

      So, here’s how this gift works:  read these, and savor each entry before
      going on to the next.  Let yourself, smile, imagine, remember and laugh
      out loud.

      Happy happy!

      1.  Falling in love.

      2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.

      3. A hot shower

      4. No lines at the supermarket

      5. A special glance.

      6. Getting mail

      7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.

      8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

      9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.

      10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.

      Copyrighted, Doris Jeanette, January 15, 2005
      Special this Month: Let Dr. Jeanette teach you how to transformation
      judgmental energy into loving energy!  A Natural Process for Opening the Heart will
      help you become more comfortable with discomfort.  They make a Great Valentine’s
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      order and I will send you a free copy of the special report, “How Colors
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      The March Teleseminar with Doris Jeanette, March 24th at 7:00pm will address
      this first psychological law and teach you how to “Eliminate the Two Ugly
      Sisters, Guilt and Judgment from Your Life”.  Sign up at
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      Creative Marketing Solutions for Professionals: for psychologists, massage
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      More information and sign up at www.drjeanette.com/experiences.html

      If you belong to a group or organization that needs an uplifting, practical
      presentation on “Emotional Energy Dynamics”, “Healthy Ways to Reduce Anxiety”
      or “Healthy Ways to Reduce Depression” please consider the woman the
      Philadelphia Inquirer called the “Siren of Spontaneity”---Doris Jeanette!

      Her upcoming schedule is available at www.drjeanette.com/experiences.html

      Contact Jeanette at drjeanette@...

      Dr. Doris Jeanette
      503 S. 21 St. Phil. PA 19146
      Sex and Love Columnist,
      Author of audio material, A Natural Process for Opening the Heart, which
      shows people how to achieve emotional health, highly praised by the late Elisabeth
      Kubler-Ross, MD. Additional CD's: "Healthy Ways to Reduce Anxiety" and
      "Healthy Ways to Reduce Depression."

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