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  • Bryan Hood
    Hi. Here is your A Moment with Eternity content book samples. If you enjoy these, my book is available as a soft cover or in the e-book format. Both formats
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      Hi. Here is your "A Moment with Eternity" content book samples. If you enjoy these, my book is available as a soft cover or in the e-book format. Both formats are available at: http://www.bridgetolight.com/books.html

      I hope you enjoy them.

      A Moment with Eternity

      The True Account of a Journey into the Heart of Creation

      (Due to web formatting limitations the word layout may differ from the actual book text)

      Table of Contents

      Preface 11
      The Awakening 15
      How it Started 17
      Day One 21
      Day Two 25
      Day Three 31
      Day Four 35
      Day Five 51
      Day Six 63
      Day Seven 83
      Day Eight 91

      The Explanation 95
      "How it Started" 99
      "Day One" 107
      "Day Two" 109
      Self Observation, Threshold, Stretching, Breathing, Food
      "DayThree" 117
      Cleansing, Taste, Soak Bath, Sweat
      "Day Four" 127
      Meditation, Mind, Dreams,
      Light in Spine
      "Day Five" 143
      Healing Space, Aura, Out of Body Experiences, The Visitor, Reiki
      "Day Six" 165
      Aka Cords, Raising Food Vibration, Dynamic, Self Understanding, Journeying, Vibration Realities
      "Day Seven" 179
      Soul Evolution
      "Day Eight" 183
      Back to the Beginning
      Final Thoughts 187
      Word Terminology 193
      Word Terminology contains a brief description for all asterisked (*)
      words throughout the "Explanation"
      portion of this book
      References 203


      Hi. Welcome into this part of my life.

      One day, in my early teens, while I was sitting on my bed, in our newly built house. I began thinking to myself these two things:

      1) "It would be really nice if a person could re-establish balance back within people, by using this stuff that is all around us, instead of only physically touching them in some way, as our western medical doctors do". I seemed to possess a knowledge of the existence of something around myself and everything else. At that point, I could not see, smell, taste, or touch it. To me this "stuff" was not physical, but I sensed it was real and it contained a kind of solidity.

      2) "There just has to be more to life than working, eating and sleeping, with some entertainment thrown in to break up the routine". I definitely knew there was more to life, but did not have any idea as to what it was. Little did I realize at the time that these two profound statements would set the pattern for some of my life purposes.

      The concepts of this book are what I have found, and to my surprise have been revealed to me, by the unseen factor that still stirs a sense of awe and humbleness within myself.

      The experiences of my journey then catapulted me into searching for the answers to what I went through. These writings are presented from my perception of reality, after the experiences themselves. I would like you to remember that I am not saying that this is the only way or the best way for you. This is the way I went and if you are able to gain assistance in some form, from my experiences, fine. If not, that is perfectly all right.

      With the sudden awareness of the "New Age" explosion, you may come to the conclusion that this is a large piece of fiction I pulled out of the cosmic toilet, using information from the resource material I have listed at the end. Since my experiences, I have become aware of the power of the imagination to make up things. For example, a person reads a book or hears of someone else going through something, and then the individual finds themselves going through exactly the same things, but here they are only playing within their mind. For me, however, believe it or not, things were not that way. First, I had the experiences - then the years of hard and sometimes painful research for the answers about what happened.

      Within these pages, I will again experience, with you, some of the so-called esoteric or secret things. We shall attend dream school, traverse dimensions, shake the hand of what some call God, The Force or Creator, as well as come face to face with who knows what else. The second portion of the book I will try to explain what I lived through. I have also included some simple procedures for self development, both in the physical level, as well as in the places beyond.

      If you do pursue the way that I have gone, I would strongly suggest that you also seek out many other professionals schooled in the areas that you have interest in. For example, one does not take an automobile to a medical doctor for a tune-up. I present this idea because I didn't have any support people that I could call up, to talk with about different things. You could say, I went through the school of hard knocks (and some knocks are very much more difficult to recover from, than others).

      Wishing you a slow, steady integration of your own knowingness, with activation from your innermost center.
      Peace, Love & Light Bryan

      The Awakening

      How it Started

      It began again when I was a young adult. While I sat in my apartment, a thought about God stirred the old memories that were tucked away long, long ago. Through my mother's side of the family, I was born into the Roman Catholic Church (this Catholic approach is the structure I will work with for the beginning of these writings). Now, I was taught there was a "God" and that it created heaven and earth, as well as an unseen reality. I was also taught that I had a soul and that there was a devil. To be able to make such a universe, God must be some kind of supreme thing. Is God an advanced person or is God a powerful being, or maybe not either of these, but something else? It became apparent that I had a dilemma. So, how do I get my answer to this perplexing question? Well, I thought that if God created me in its image, then I must be able to discover the answer somehow.

      I thought and came up with the idea that if God exists, like I was taught, then why not ask her, or him, or it. I was just going to go and ask this mystery called God exactly who or what it was. This would not be your regular chit-chat type of conversation. I was just going to talk openly, face to face, with the mystery of the millennium. The one that had created all that is and was, or will be, even including nuclear reactions and volcanoes. The sudden realization came to me of what could happen coming face to face with this supreme one. We're talking death, instantaneously erasing of my soul, body, clothes, everything-total removal of my existence, as though I never existed at all. Knowing that this was a possibility, I still had to satisfy my question. I was calculating that there would be a microsecond between the registering of the answer and the great erasing. I took a deep breath and retrained my sights on the goal I was now willing to die for.

      The next difficulty I faced was how I would get its phone number. I strongly suspected God was not listed in the phone book or at least I had never seen its listing in the white pages. Well, l went back to my Catholic upbringing. It taught me that God is as close to me as my own heart. If this is so, God must be able to hear me and he/she/it must also know my question. I then began figuring out what was called an affirmation.

      What was first needed (I thought) was protection from the magnitude of energy that I might encounter, in order to get to the source. The affirmation turned out something like this: "I ask for protection and assistance from my guardian angel, so I can come face to face with God." The second thing, was to allow myself to let go of what I personally believed. I sensed that in some way my beliefs might limit me, to only see what I had been taught about God and myself. Since I might not survive after the encounter, that baggage would only weigh me down. In order to fully understand the truth of what was going to come, I allowed myself to open totally, both consciously and subconsciously. I had the willingness to let go of everything, including how I thought, felt, and sensed. Even of what I perceived myself to be. Once the affirmation was finished, I read it out loud, while directing my mind to remember what I wanted to happen.

      Since my angel was looking after me, I only needed to observe and wait for my request to be fulfilled. I had no idea or conceptualization of what I was getting myself into. My religion did state that there was this conceptual thing called the "devil". This devil was supposed to be a nasty spirit that snatched you from God and imprisoned you for the rest of eternity, even if you only did one thing wrong. One mistake, no matter what it was, and you would burn in the fires of hell, for it. This thought remembrance did not sway me one bit, because my religion also stated that "all is of God and from God". I was glad for that, because if the devil started interfering with my truly heartfelt question, then God could tap it on the shoulder and remove it.

      Thank you for requesting "A Moment with Eternity" content samples. To get your own personal copy, autographed or not, for yourself or a friend, simply copy and paste the below address (if it is not active) into your browser and press enter: http://www.bridgetolight.com/books.html

      Be sure to check out my weblog for up-to-date news and information at: http://my_community.blogs.com/centered_in_awareness/.

      Again thank you and until next time, Bryan Hood.
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