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771Simple Living Bi-weekly

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  • tameka_norris
    Nov 1, 2003
      Get back to the basics of what it means to REALLY LIVE!

      I can give you three reasons why you should join Simple
      Living Bi-Weekly:

      1. Preparing Your Children For Success If They Don't Go To College
      2. Dating vs. Courtship: The Big Difference
      3. How To Quit Your Job and Start Living Your Dreams

      This is just a small portion of the information that's offered
      to you through Simple Living Bi-Weekly. Simple Living Bi-Weekly's
      purpose is to dig deep to present you with the least recognized
      BUT MOST IMPORTANT subjects out there. If you're interested
      in learning more then give us a test drive by subscribing now!

      Subscribe: mailto:subscribeme@...
      Website: http://www.simple-living-tips.com