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705The Peppy Pets Daily

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  • Tippy, Alfred, & Dave
    Sep 2, 2003
      The Peppy Pets Daily is a short, quick, & fun to
      read e-letter sent three times a week.

      Monday will give you a fun to read animal
      joke or quote.

      Wednesday will give you a valuable pet care tip.

      Friday will feature a heartwarming pet story or
      story about animals in the news.

      All readers are allowed to send in short stories
      about their pets which may be published in the e-letter.

      Subscriptions are free.

      To subscribe go to our Web site:


      Tippy - Senior Editor in Charge of the Dog Section
      Alfred - Senior Editor in Charge of the Cat Section

      Help-purrs: Little Cat A, Little Cat B, Little Cat C,
      and T.C. (Top Kitty)...and
      Annie (Head goat in charge of checking for holes in
      Dave's fences)

      Tippy, Alfred & the gang are fed by:
      Dave Cole
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