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35Daughters of the Earth ezine and free fragrance sample

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  • EarthDaughter Arts
    Sep 19, 2000
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      A jewelry, giftware, arts and crafts newsletter for EarthDaughter Arts. Come
      relax and learn of the beauty of our earth. Are you an EarthChild? Do you feel
      a special connection to the Earth that runs deeper than words? Would you like
      to honor it with those special times of creativity and peaceful reflection? Our
      newsletter comes out monthly and has crafts projects, herbal lore, ideas for
      relaxation and meditation and links to websites that honor the concept of the
      We are running a special right now, too. If you subscribe, you are eligible to
      receive a free fragrance oil sample.
      Our current issue includes articles on the moon, crystal meditation, garden
      websites and a special "virtual garden" project just for subscribers!

      We are also looking for submissions. To get an idea of what types of themes and
      concepts we promote in our ezine, please visit

      To subscribe to Daughters of the Earth, send an email to:

      To subscribe to our version of Daughters of the Earth for the pagan community,
      send an email to: daughters_of_the_earth@egroups.com

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      Kristine Cherry - EarthDaughter Arts (http://www.earthdaughterarts.com)

      Kick your feet up and relax with the September issue of our ezine, Daughters of the Earth. Articles on meditation, relaxation, arts and crafts, moonlore, herblore and gardening tips are some of the subjects we cover.

      Subscribe now and receive a free sample of our new fragrance oils, too.

      To subscribe, send an email to: mailto=earthdaughterarts-subscribe@egroups.com
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