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  • David Lavallee
    Oct 14, 2006
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      Brighten Up Your Home with Candles

      These days candles are available in all kinds of shapes and
      sizes, and in a range of scents. Round, votive, tapered or multi
      colored are all just a few examples, and candles are readily
      available in most stores. Read on to discover some ways to use
      candles to brighten up your home decorating.

      Candles can make an attractive addition to the decorations in
      your home. Scented candles delight the senses and bring
      relaxation at the same time. In the bathroom they can be used to
      create a romantic centerpiece when you are with someone special,
      or they can help you relax with a good book. Be careful though,
      not to let the candles be tipped over the edge of the tub. The
      heavier jars with scents won't slide off and they won't break as

      You can make great looking centerpieces for an end or coffee
      table using tea candles, which are inexpensive. The candles can
      be scented if you wish. Placing them inside heavy glass cups or
      quality stemmed glassware is a great way to make a beautiful
      impression. Show your creativity by using tea candles to make a
      display on mantle places.

      Long tapered candles make good accents for flower arrangements on
      the dining room table. To make the best impression, make use of
      smokeless and non drip candles. In a floral arrangement, keep
      greenery away from the flame. Another idea is to roll the candles
      in glitter for a dramatic elegance.

      Pillar candles are usually large and heavy, but can be used in
      many places in your home for a glorious effect of light. And you
      don't need a special holder for these candles, any sturdy holder
      will do. You can use small or large plates, deep soup bowls or
      even meat platters to create a nice look. Display several pillar
      candles in different sizes together makes for an awesome display.
      Words of warning though, keep the candles at least three inches
      apart to prevent them from melting into the other candles. Pillar
      candles are a neat way to decorate.

      There are other types of candles that you can use to decorate
      your home. You can create dramatic effects such as floating
      candles for a pool party. Use your imagination.

      A final word of safety: Whenever you have candles in your home,
      always think safety first. Never leave candles burning overnight,
      or in an enclosed room with no ventilation. Dangerous fumes can
      build up, or a stray flame can cause a fire to start. Be careful
      to place candles so that they won't topple over. Never let young
      kids have candles in their rooms without supervision. Always be
      extra cautious when burning candles in your house.

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      David Lavallee
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