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1723###Please Help Katrina's Victims###

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  • Steven Ackerman
    Sep 1 11:19 PM
      Please help us spread the word. Share our web address with at least
      one friend!


      We are 2 brothers from Minnesota that have been down on our luck and
      understand the feeling of hopelessness and dispair. It is our desire
      to help the victims of hurricane Katrina in any way we can. The only
      thing we have to offer is our time and desire to work hard.

      We have set up a webpage in hopes that others will join us in our
      quest by joining us in a "Care-A-Van" to New Orleans. We welcome you
      to do this in person or by donation.

      We are looking for you to help us fulfill our dream in one of three

      1. Come with us to New Orleans

      2. Donate supplies

      3. Donate money.

      To see a more detailed description of us and our quest click
      the "About Us" on our website

      We assume the greatest needs at this time will be fresh water, non
      perishable food, tents, and blankets.

      So, if you have nothing better to do right now, pack your clothes,
      extra blankets, as much fresh water as you can carry and some extra
      tents if you have them and "LET'S ROLL!"

      Steven Ackerman
      Loren Ackerman