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120All About E-Books

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  • windsong
    Sep 5, 2001
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      You need to see this great newsletter that gives you the
      information you need to become an Ebook publisher, or
      a better publisher. It is called "All About E-Books" and
      is published once per month. There are two solo article
      mailings that go out between the regular issues.

      Some of the topics covered are:

      *Why you need your own ebook.
      *How to write and publish your own ebook.
      *Ways to distribute your ebook.
      *Making your ebook profitable.
      *Ebook promotion and other tactics.

      Some of the features of this newsletter are:

      *Articles by some of the best ebook authors.
      *Hints, tips, and tricks for creating your ebook.
      *Links to the best sites about publishing.
      *Comments and advise from the readers.
      *Promotional resources for your ebook.

      Get a FREE subscription by sending a blank email to:
      <a href="
      AOL Users Click Here </a>

      All About E-Books is a common sense guide for writers
      and publishers and is loaded with tips tricks and various
      techniques for successful publishing.