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[Correction] Acid Relfux Disease - The Pharmacuetical Hoax!

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  • Charles Stewart Richey
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Charles Stewart Richey
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      Article Title:
      [Correction] Acid Relfux Disease - The Pharmacuetical Hoax!

      Article Description:
      The medical community would have you believe that only drugs can
      treat and heal acid reflux disease. This is simply not true...

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      Written By: Charles Stewart Richey
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      [Correction] Acid Relfux Disease - The Pharmacuetical Hoax!
      Copyright � 2006 Charles Stewart Richey
      REFLUX GONE FOREVER, Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

      The medical community would have you believe that only drugs can
      treat and heal acid reflux disease. This is simply not true -
      there are natural ways to heal this condition. PPI drugs
      (proton pump inhibitors), like Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid and
      Protonix should only be be taken for eight weeks, at most.
      Doctors are aware of this, but most patients continue to take
      these drugs on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, there are no
      studies determining what the long term effects of these drugs
      are on the human body.

      PPI drugs actually shut down the pumps that produce the stomach
      acid necessary to digest food. You have to wonder how the human
      body digests and assimilates food properly without stomach acid.
      How does a body remain healthy without the proper digestion of
      food? Is this natural?

      I used to suffer from acute acid reflux. I was addicted to a PPI
      drug... that certain "colored pill". After several years of
      taking this drug, my condition became worse and I was told to
      double the dose. I began to feel sluggish and tired. My vision
      suffered and my blood pressure went off the charts. I realized
      that these were probably side effects of the PPI drug. I did
      some research and found that there were hundreds of possible
      harmful side effects, including: Headache, diarrhea, nausea,
      abdominal pain, dry mouth, aggravated constipation, enlarged
      abdomen, back pain, chest pain, anemia, allergic reaction,
      hypertension, tachycardia, goiter, tinnitus, facial edema,
      conjunctivitis, vision abnormal, aggravated depression,
      dizziness, hypertonia, nervousness, cystitis, insomnia,
      migraine, anorexia, acne, dermatitis, glycosuria, hyperuricemia,
      hyponatremia, arthritis aggravated, tongue edema, ulcerative
      stomatitis, impotence, insomnia, to name a few.

      I mean, who needs tongue edema, impotence or aggravated
      constipation? Good God! I knew that I had to stop taking this
      drug! But when I tried, the acid pumps, which had been shut off
      for so long, went wild and produced more acid than ever before.
      I have never suffered so much in my life....even drinking water
      gave me severe indigestion. My doctor suggested that I get back
      on the pill. He had no other advice to offer.

      I became determined to beat this dreadful condition - beat the
      curse of the big drug companies! I really had no choice,
      because medical science, apparently, had no solution for my
      problem. I began extensive research on the subject and found
      out some very interesting things.

      Acid reflux is big business. It's a drug company's dream come
      true. Millions of Americans suffer from acid reflux. Many
      millions more experience the pain of heartburn, ranging from
      once a month to every day. This affliction is the result of the
      splashing up of fluids from the stomach into the esophagus.
      These fluids are composed of hydrochloric acid, pepsin and
      occasionally liver bile. Stomach fluid helps break down the food
      we eat so that it can be digested. The hydrochloric acid in the
      stomach fluid helps prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying in
      the stomach and intestines. Although hydrochloric acid also helps
      the body absorb vitamins and nutrients, it is a very strong
      corrosive. The stomach holds this powerful acid in check with a
      special protective lining. The esophagus, however, does not have
      this protection. When acid splashes up through the lower
      esophageal sphincter into the esophagus, we have the problems
      of heartburn, gerd, or acid reflux. This condition, if left
      unchecked, can eventually lead to Barrett's Disease, or cancer
      of the esophagus.

      Of course, I found all this to be quite scary and, since drugs
      were not the answer for me, I had to find alternative ways to
      treat this condition. I researched the subject even further and
      found a plethora of natural things that could heal acid reflux.
      First of all, I learned that acid reflux is not a disease, but
      a condition that begins when the esophagus becomes irritated.
      Let's say that you are watching an exciting ball game on TV.
      Someone hands you a bag of corn chips and without thinking, you
      eat them too fast, without chewing properly. The jagged edges
      of the chips have caused little lacerations in the esophagus that
      you're not even aware of. Later that evening you are invited to
      a Mexican chili party. The spicy tomato sauce in the chili
      further irritates those injuries. You wash down the chili with
      alcohol or soda, making it even worse. Before you know it, you
      have a full blown case of acid reflux. Until you allow your
      esophagus to heal, you will continue to suffer from this

      I was astounded to find that the esophagus can be healed in about
      three days. Simply eating foods that are easy to digest, three
      or four times during the day, and omitting the regular big meals,
      is the key. I ate fruits like bananas, melon and apples during
      the day. I snacked on walnuts and almonds. I found that eating
      slowly in a relaxed atmosphere and chewing food well helped
      enormously. There are foods and drinks which should obviously
      be avoided like those which are fried, spicy, or too crunchy.
      Alcohol and carbonated drinks are a definite no-no . We are all
      aware of which foods trigger our indigestion. You just have to
      avoid them for a few days until you are over the hump.

      There are many natural herbs and health store items which can
      assist in this healing process. Slippery elm, Twig tea, aloe
      vera juice, licorice products and orange peel extract can be of
      great value, just to mention a few. Removing stress from your
      life is essential during this period. Yoga and meditation are
      worth considering to ward off the daily angst.

      I managed to stop taking those harmful and expensive drugs, in
      favor of natural remedies. I cured my acid reflux condition.
      I am drug free. You can do it too.

      Charles Stewart Richey
      For more information about how to cure acid reflux the
      natural way, please go to: http://www.refluxgoneforever.com

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