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Raising Your Kids From the Inside Out

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  • Kathy Castillo
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Kathy Castillo
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      Article Title:
      Raising Your Kids From the Inside Out

      Article Description:
      Nowadays it seems if many parents are very worried about what
      their children are watching on TV or what they are looking at on
      the computer. It seems as if many parents are so absorbed with
      what their kids are doing that they forget about a very important
      part of childhood -- the effects of good nutrition. Not only the
      daily effect, but the life-time effects as well.

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      Written By: Kathy Castillo
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      Raising Your Kids From the Inside Out
      Copyright � 2006 Kathy Castillo
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      Nowadays it seems if many parents are very worried about what
      their children are watching on TV or what they are looking at on
      the computer. It seems as if many parents are so absorbed with
      what their kids are doing that they forget about a very important
      part of childhood -- the effects of good nutrition. Not only the
      daily effect, but the life-time effects as well.

      Many households today either have both parents working outside
      the home or are a single parent family where the parent works
      full time. Full time jobs, sports, activities, homework and more
      are all daily chores that must be done and they create a very
      stressful, fast-paced life. There is hardly any time to sit down
      and eat a well-balanced, nutritious meal and this may be harming
      children more than it is helping them.

      With many families eating on the run, there is no time to
      consider what your children are really eating. Parents will
      take the time to see what their kids are watching on TV or the
      internet, but they don't pay much attention to what their kids
      are eating. These quick prepared meals that your children are
      eating are mainly processed foods that are full of sweets, fats,
      and oils and according to the Food Guide Pyramid developed by
      the US Department of Agriculture, "...foods that include lots
      of fats, oils and sweets should be used sparingly". ---
      However, the process of eat and run often caters to a high intake
      of sweets, oils and fats.

      Do you know that by providing your child good nutritious meals
      every day you can diminish his/her craving for junk food?
      Children crave junk food because it is quick, fast, and it taste
      good. Healthy, nutritious foods can also be quick, fast and taste
      good. You simply have to program your child to know which is
      better to grab from the refrigerator; a Snicker's Bar or a fresh

      The other day, I went to my son's school for a "mommy luncheon"
      and I was simply horrified at some of the things that I seen
      these children eating. Some of them had candy bars, potato chips
      and soda in their lunch boxes. I did not see one child with a
      piece of fresh fruit or a vegetable. I thought, "No wander there
      is so much obesity today". I almost wanted to toss all that out
      and go out and buy these children a healthy lunch. It really made
      my stomach turn.

      Children should eat foods from the Food Pyramid everyday. It is
      not all bad to eat sweets, fats and oils. As the matter of fact,
      our bodies need those elements, but in small portions. Children
      who snack on fruits, vegetable and other healthy foods will not
      crave junk food. They will not get obese and they will live
      healthier lives. If your child gets a full belly by eating an
      apple and some cheese and crackers with a glass of milk after
      school, he/she is not going to want that candy bar or that soda

      In addition to good, nutritious, healthy foods, parents should
      also give their children some vitamin supplements. According to
      Dr. Tanya Kurtz, MD, "Children who take vitamins between the ages
      of six months and 5 years old tend to be healthier. They do not
      get sick as often and their mental and physical development is
      at higher levels than children who do not take them." Vitamin
      supplements can curve a child's hunger or snacking craving
      between meals and eliminate the threat of obesity. Your child's
      good health depends on you, so you really should try to boost
      that good health with a vitamin supplement of some sort. Just
      think, wouldn't it be nice if your child was the one student in
      his/her class that did not get sick when the flu broke out? That
      would be because you took the time to consider his/her good
      health by providing them with good nutritious meals and daily
      vitamin supplements.

      In conclusion, I would like to tell all parents about something
      that I have tried. It is called Essentialean(tm) and it is a
      vitamin supplement that alleviates obesity in children. It can
      be found at Amazon or at http://www.bodestore.com It curves
      the hunger so that the child does not have the urge to snack.

      It was formulated in large part by a leading doctor who is
      concerned with lowering childhood obesity by providing a high
      quality nutritional supplement. I actually gave this a try for
      a month or so, mixed with a variety of good, well-balanced,
      nutritious meals and I could not believe what happened.

      1.) My child lost about 5 pounds (He was about 10-15 pounds
      overweight when I started giving him Essentialean(tm)),

      2.) My son stopped asking for junk food and started asking for
      healthy snacks, especially grapes, and

      3.) He seemed happier which will reflected in everything he did
      including school, sports, and other activities. I think that
      Essentialean(tm) ia a very powerful vitamin supplement and well
      worth my child's good health.

      It is time that parents start worrying more about what and how
      their children eat. Their eating patterns today will determine
      how they eat as adults. Our eating habits can easily be linked
      to our good or bad health. So, start teaching your children
      good eating habits now, so that they will grow up and be
      responsible eaters for a life time.

      Kathy Castillo is a health and fitness enthusiast and
      advocate. She writes on a regular basis on timeless
      health and fitness tips at the Fit After Forty Blog.
      See more useful health and fitness news and tips at:
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