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6 Steps to a Perfect eMail Message

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  • BIG Mike McDaniel
    Title:6 Steps to a Perfect eMail Message Length:722 Author:BIG Mike McDaniel Email:Mike@BIGIdeasGroup.com Category:eMail/Business/Internet Copyright 2004 Web
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
      Title:6 Steps to a Perfect eMail Message
      Author:BIG Mike McDaniel
      Copyright 2004
      Web Address: http://BIGIdeasGroup.com

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      6 Steps to a Perfect eMail Message

      More about eMail from BIG Mike

      Each day the Internet delivers more than 5 BILLION
      eMail messages. To be sure your message is
      delivered and read, it must be politically
      correct, free of errors and innuendoes,
      inoffensive and still convey the essence of what
      you want to communicate

      Follow these steps for better eMail messages

      1.Compose Off-Line
      Develop the habit of writing your eMail messages
      off-line (use your word processor). This
      eliminates the sub-conscious need for speed (the
      line is open, hurry-hurry). Use the spell checker
      but don’t rely on it exclusively. You still need
      to proof your message several times. The spell
      checker will not highlight the word YOU if you
      meant to type YOUR.

      2. Send Private eMail only.
      If you put more than one address in the -To- area,
      all address show on the top of your message. To
      send the same message to many, put their address
      in -BCC- and send the message to yourself.

      3. Limit line length to 50 characters.
      You have doubtless seen many emails with long
      lines followed by widowed lines with one or two
      words. The hard carriage return of the word
      processor did not agree with the line length of
      your email program. By making all eMail [plain
      text and 50 characters per line, your email will
      always be easily readable. If you are comfortable
      with your word processor, complete the message
      there, then move it to a text editor (NotePad,
      TextPad, etc.) and adjust the line length.
      Remember CTRL+A highlights your text (in all
      processors, eMail programs and text editors).
      CTRL+C copies it to the clipboard and CTRL+V
      pastes it in a new location.

      4 Use The Queue
      Tell your eMail program to put all outgoing
      messages in a queue. When you press
      SEND the messages are stacked up to be sent at a
      predetermined time (every so many minutes, or when
      you close or open your program). The queue gives
      you a second chance to review outgoing messages

      In Outlook Express (the most popular eMail program
      because.. "it came with the computer") you can
      turn on the queue by clicking on TOOLS then
      IMMEDIATELY box. Other eMail programs have similar

      5 Always use a SIG
      You can make it easy for people know who sent the
      message and/or reply to it by using an automatic
      sig file. The SIG is a one to five line
      letterhead at the bottom of your message. Look
      in the HELP section of your eMail program.

      You can read all about how to create signature
      files in a free article written by me and posted
      on many websites. Get your own free copy by
      sending a blank eMail to my Idea Robot (Idea-Bot).
      You get the detailed steps to create your own SIG
      file for all the popular eMail programs.

      Be sure the SIG file you create includes your name
      and eMail address and a MailTo: command. Just type
      MailTo: before your address make it work. Putting
      a MailTo: in your SIG file will allows anyone to
      click on it creating a blank email message,
      addressed to you

      Go ahead and try it, click on my MailTo: command
      and see how it opens a blank eMail message already
      addressed for you to get the SIG file article

      If you design a generic signature file, with your
      eMail address, it can be used for all your eMail,
      Some eMail program let you have multiple SIGs,
      using one as the default, unless you specify
      another for a single message

      6 Assume the worst
      eMail is like a post card, once you send it there
      is no way on knowing who will read it,
      or forward it to your boss. Don’t say anything in
      a message you wouldn’t say out loud standing on
      the courthouse steps in front of the sheriff.

      Sending a top drawer eMail message takes no more
      time than sending a bottom drawer effort and
      having to correct or explain it later.

      ©2004 BIG Mike McDaniel - All Rights Reserved -

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      BIG Mike McDaniel is a former successful radio
      station owner and major market TV News anchor and nationally recognized
      Speaker, Author, and Business Consultant. His BIG Ideas Group helps small
      business grow with mastermind groups, seminars and sales training.

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