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One Room Apartment to Tuscan Villa – Rules to Make your Decorating a Success

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  • Pamela Cole Harris
    ~ Title: One Room Apartment to Tuscan Villa – Rules to Make your Decorating a Success Author: Pamela Cole Harris Copyright: 2003 Article
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      Title: One Room Apartment to Tuscan Villa �
      Rules to Make your Decorating a Success
      Author: Pamela Cole Harris
      Copyright: 2003

      Article Originally Written: September, 2003

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      One Room Apartment to Tuscan Villa �
      Rules to Make your Decorating a Success
      Copyright � 2003, Pamela Cole Harris
      Home and Garden Makeover.com

      Making a French chateau library out of that extra room in your
      modular home can be a challenge (we are talking monumental
      challenge here!). And making your one room apartment into a
      Tuscan villa can stretch the limits of your imagination (You�ve
      been watching too many episodes of Trading Spaces again!). But
      Tuscan villa, French chateau, English cottage or Santa Fe adobe
      � whatever your dream d�cor may be, there are basic rules of
      design that will help make your decorating task a success:

      1. Scale and proportion - If you are trying to make a Tuscan
      villa out of a one room apartment, make sure it�s a small Tuscan
      villa. Take into account the scale of the room, remembering that
      the people who will use the room will also be part of that
      scale. If you want large comfortable seats in a small room, you
      will need to reduce the number of other things that will be in
      the room and make sure that the other accessories seem correctly
      proportioned in relation to one another. Remember that a small
      delicate tea table may look wonderful next to a wingback chair,
      but will seem at odds with an over-stuffed club chair! Also the
      smaller the space, the smaller the prints on upholstery or
      wallpaper you choose. If you have a large space, let yourself go
      with large splashy prints!

      2. Line - Line defines a space. Vertical lines in your room give
      more height, dignity and formality (think of the stateliness of
      Grecian columns or pillars!). Horizontal lines give a sense of
      space, width and security (think of a bed or a chair rails!).
      Diagonal lines give a sense of motion, transition or change
      (Think of eaves or a diagonal slash of paint!) Curved lines give
      a sense of freedom, softness and sensuality (think of curved,
      plush cushions or sofas!) Remember you don�t have to stay inside
      the lines! Don�t place all your furniture against the wall like
      a police lineup or firing squad! Bring some out into the middle
      of the room or at least move a piece or two at an angle to the

      3. Balance - Balance is equilibrium among the forms in a room.
      There are two types of balance: a. Symmetrical which is a
      balance between objects on either side of an imaginary line;
      b. Asymmetrical is a balance between objects of different sizes.

      Large and small items in the room should be distributed evenly.
      The whole room should seem comfortable to the eye. There should
      be nothing jarring or awkward. If something does seem out of
      place in the room, take it out.

      4. Harmony and Rhythm - When a room is harmonious, all the
      elements in the room relate easily to each other. When a room
      has rhythm, it means that colors or patterns are repeated in a
      way that stimulates the eye and mind. Remember however, that too
      much pattern in a small room can be overwhelming.

      5. Focus - Focus is what your eye notices or rests on when you
      enter a room. Make sure it is something that you want the eye to
      rest on, not something you want to hide!

      The best advice if you want to design your dream room? Educate
      yourself about basic design principles and then trust your
      instincts! Don�t listen to your best friend, your mother-in-law
      or the neighbor down the street! Trust yourself! After all, you
      will be the one who lives with the room.

      That being said, I do have one small piece of advice. If you
      find yourself trying to figure out how you can make a moat
      around that modular French chateau, you�ve just gone too far!

      Resource Box:
      Pamela Cole Harris is an editor and writer with 35 years
      experience. Visit her website,
      http://www.homeandgardenmakeover.com, for a free newsletter with
      remodeling, home improvement and decorating ideas for the
      financially challenged, creatively deficient and technologically
      illiterate. Or for original, fresh content for your website,
      visit http://www.pamelacoleharris.com.

      Posted: Thu Oct 16 01:21:19 EDT 2003

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