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  • Kate Smalley
    Article Title: TIME MANAGEMENT AND SUCCESS Article Author: Kate Smalley Article Copyright: 2004Article URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004
      Article Author: Kate Smalley
      Article Copyright: 2004

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      Copyright � 2004, Kate Smalley
      Connecticut Secretary

      Whoever said, "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy,
      wealthy and wise," only got it partially right when it comes to
      finding the formula for personal success, because great time
      management skills are also essential.

      While some people are millionaires and some people are paupers,
      all people are on the same playing field with regards to time.
      Every living being is allotted 24 hours in a single day-no more,
      no less. So being able to accomplish your goals in any given day
      means being able to prioritize and multi-task.

      If you compare any two people at a particular workplace and
      analyze their work habits, you'll oftentimes notice differences
      in terms of productivity. Some people are simply better at
      managing their time and, therefore, getting more done with the
      time they have. If you're not particularly good at prioritizing
      and managing tasks, you need not worry, because if you weren't
      born with time management skills, you can learn them.

      First of all, you'll want to begin each new week by drawing up
      a schedule of things to do in the coming week. Start off by
      listing things you absolutely must do, and then jot down things
      you'd like to do. Once you've done this, you'll want to look
      over your weekly schedule and consider whether, time wise, your
      schedule is realistic. If it isn't, then you'll need to drop
      off non-essentials and maybe factor in more time for the
      critical tasks.

      Something else you'll want to consider is that people with good
      time management skills tend to be fairly organized. If you're
      work desk looks as though it were hit by a tornado, then tidy
      up a little bit. You'll be surprised at how much more efficient
      you'll be if you don't have to wade through piles of paper to
      find what you're looking for.

      Combine time management skills with health, wealth and wisdom,
      and you've got the formula for personal success.

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      Copyright 2004, Kate Smalley
      Connecticut Secretary
      Freelance secretarial and transcription services.

      Posted: Mon Apr 5 05:16:50 EDT 2004

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