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A Passionate Response To ‘The Passion of The Christ’

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  • Kim Bloomer
    Article Title: A Passionate Response To ‘The Passion of The Christ’ Article Author: Kim Bloomer Article Copyright: 2004Article URL:
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      Article Title: A Passionate Response To �The Passion of The Christ�
      Article Author: Kim Bloomer
      Article Copyright: 2004

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      A Passionate Response To �The Passion of The Christ�
      Copyright � 2004, Kim Bloomer
      Aspen Bloom Nutrition

      From the first moment I heard about this movie several months
      ago, I knew it was going to be something different. I wasn't
      wrong. It hasn't only been different it has been a phenomenon
      - well BEFORE it was even released.

      One is inclined to wonder why, whenever the name of Jesus
      Christ is mentioned, the name has the power to generate such
      controversy. Over 2000 years later, the name of Jesus still
      stirs up people, especially when the focus is the release of a
      major motion picture depicting the last 12 hours of His life.

      I know why. Those last 12 hours are the reason He came to this
      earth in the first place. He came to redeem us back to God the
      Father by willingly laying down His life for us. By taking the
      punishment we deserve for our sin and thereby granting us a
      pardon from God the Father. Yes, I said He laid down His own
      life. Not one human being on this earth had the power to take
      the life of Jesus. He gave us His life so that we might have
      eternal life in Him.

      You say, but the movie depicts Him being brought up on false
      charges by the Pharisees, and wrongly and savagely beaten and
      scourged by Roman soldiers. As if that wasn't enough to kill
      someone, he was then forced to carry a cross weighing 300 pounds
      up a hill. Granted he had help from Simon of Cyrene, but could
      you have even been able to lift YOURSELF up after enduring such
      torture and carry a 300 pound cross as far as he did ALONE? All
      the while being continually pushed, hit, spat upon, and whipped
      by the soldiers and for what? For humankind. Yes, humans did
      that to Him. However, they could not have, had the power not
      been given to them from God the Father AND Jesus' obedience
      to the Father and willingness to do so.

      Some have said this movie is anti-Semitic and they said that
      BEFORE even seeing it. In fact that was said BEFORE the movie
      was even released. Some have said it depicted the Roman soldiers
      as ruthless and brutal. Guess what? The soldiers WERE ruthless
      and brutal. The whole human race is and can be ruthless and
      brutal. Anti-Semitic? No, it is not. How can I say that?
      Because, first of all Jesus was a Jew. So was His mother.
      So were the apostles and most of His followers. The first
      Christians were Jews.

      Some have said that Christians, and I am one, are promoting
      anti-Semitism by supporting and promoting this movie. You see,
      that is just not possible because those who ARE truly Christian,
      cannot be anti anyone. It would be a complete oxymoron to say
      I am a Christian and then be a racist. Anyone who is truly a
      Christian and abides in Jesus Christ will not and cannot be
      against any race. Like Bill Gallatin, senior pastor of Calvary
      Chapel of the Fingerlakes, NY said, 'there aren't any races
      other than the human race, just different nationalities'. No,
      neither Jews, nor Romans put Jesus on the cross - God the Father
      did and our sin was the reason. Jesus obeyed the Father, and
      willingly laid down His life for us ALL. Why? Because He loves
      us, that's why and He wants us with Him for eternity. He became
      the perfect, sacrificial Lamb who laid down His life for our

      The movie shows Jesus finally making it up that rocky, craggy
      hill to Calvary. He is swollen, torn, and bleeding over his
      entire body. He had already lost massive amounts of blood due
      to the horrendous beating and scourging He endured. He had to
      have been in unbelievable agony and yet He is shown lying down
      on the cross of His own accord. He did not struggle and fight
      as all the others who were crucified. Your reply might be, 'How
      could He, he was already almost dead by then!' Then tell me, if
      that is so, how did He live yet another six hours hanging on a
      cross? He WILLED it, that's how!

      Many have said how unbelievably violent this movie is. Hmmm,
      funny thing to be said when most of the movies, video games, and
      television programs coming out these days are extremely violent;
      not to mention Internet content. Such as? Movies: Pulp Fiction,
      Bad Boys II, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kill Bill, True Romance
      -the list is endless. Video games: Carjacked, Assassins, Hitman,
      to name just a few of the endless supply there. Television:
      Third Watch, NYPD Blue, CSI, etc., and that is just on regular
      channels - cable and satellite have endless violence, explicit
      sex, etc., and that is okay with most people!

      Yes, the movie is violent but I don't think that is why so many
      are coming out of the movie in shock, sobbing, and reeling from
      an experience unlike any other movie they've seen. It is because
      we know in our souls, that our sin caused this horrifying
      torture and death to be necessary. Mel Gibson makes us feel as
      though we are actually in ancient Jerusalem watching this event
      unfold before our very eyes.

      Was it bloody? You bet it was - that's the point: the shed blood
      of Jesus for us all.

      It may have been extremely difficult to watch, but the ending
      gives us all eternal hope in Jesus Christ.

      Will I see this movie again? Yes, but not yet. It's too soon but
      someday, yes I will.

      Does this movie leave people with questions? For those who don't
      know the scriptures, I hope so. I hope so enough that they will
      seek out the answers in the only place they'll find them - the

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      Posted: Thu Apr 1 03:00:01 EST 2004

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