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Writing Ebooks

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  • Scott F. Geld
    Title: Writing Ebooks Author: Scott F. Geld Copyright: 2003Article Originally Written:Article URL:
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      Title: Writing Ebooks
      Author: Scott F. Geld
      Copyright: 2003

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      Writing Ebooks
      Copyright � 2003, Scott F. Geld
      Marketing Blaster.com

      Books are about sharing our knowledge and our experiences. They
      articulate feelings and information for people who do not have
      these kinds of communication skills. If you can think, you can
      hear your voice. If you can hear your voice, you can write.
      Writing is a simple extension of your mind to your fingers.

      Do this exercise:

      Open a blank page in your word processing program. Let your
      fingers hover just above the keys of your keyboard and close
      your eyes. Now clear you mind and let it fill with silence.
      Into that silence, let your thoughts begin to focus on what
      you instinctively know you can do well. Things you excel at.
      As each thought rises, type it. Baking, stained glass,
      gardening, restoring classic cars�write until the well runs

      Now open your eyes. Like magic, before your eyes, here is a
      list of topics for potential ebooks!

      There is no price that can be placed on your unique knowledge
      and experience. The trick is to draw from the well of that
      knowledge and use it to create an ebook.

      Internet businesses are hungry for information about how to
      turn their websites into profit-making machines. Whenever an
      entrepreneur first starts a business, he or she lacks the
      patina of experience that comes from many years of working
      in the trenches. If your ebook can help rocket them forward in
      time by providing them with your invaluable business know-how,
      you've got a topic for a beneficial and successful ebook.

      Ebooks are one of the most powerful marketing tools available in
      the world today. They can be sent out as attachments in emails,
      offered for free or for a fee on your website, or sent out on
      discs through the mail. They can be marketed by your affiliates
      through links on their sites and in your ebook. You can offer
      your ebook through an autoresponder, thereby capturing email
      addresses and building a list of potential customers. Or you
      can use your ebook to build an opt-in email list � by sending
      email only to people who want it, you differentiate your
      messages from spam and increase the value of your list.

      The ebook format is one of the most versatile on the Internet.
      You can use it to create brochures, newsletters, courses
      offering advice and information about your goods or services,
      training tools � all for a profit. Using ebooks correctly and
      with business savvy will direct quality traffic to your website
      and generate potential sales. Ebooks can educate your visitors
      about your products or services, and teach them about new
      procedures or techniques. You can use free ebooks to reward
      visitors for filling out a customer survey, which in turn gives
      you invaluable insight into customer motivation and habits.
      Giving away your ebooks for free helps to build solid business
      relationships and keep your customers coming back to your
      website. Ebooks will help build your reputation as an expert
      in your field and make your business a known commodity.

      If you want to write about Internet Marketing, you will find a
      mountain of ebooks about this subject. You must go through them
      and locate what is missing. You can market ANYTHING on the
      Internet. What about a book about marketing a business that
      trains bloodhounds as search and rescue dogs? Or a book about
      marketing a business that grows organic herbs and mushrooms?
      Figure out what you�re passions are and then turn them into

      Ebooks are a road to personal fulfillment and financial success.
      They are fairly simple to produce and the cost is minimal. Your
      ebook not only has the potential to create profits, but it may
      very well transform you into a celebrity. In turn, your value
      increases along with your profits. Like a tree lush with leaves,
      your ebook will fly across cyberspace, shedding its seeds of
      knowledge. And those seed will bear the fruit of new clients
      and opportunities for many years to come.

      Resource Box:
      Scott F. Geld is the Director of Marketing for
      MarketingBlaster.com , a company providing targeted
      traffic and leads: http://www.MarketingBlaster.com

      Posted: Mon Sep 29 03:35:15 EDT 2003

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