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Buying French Property

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  • Oliver Phillips
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2005
      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Oliver Phillips

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      Article Title: Buying French Property
      Author: Oliver Phillips
      Category: Real Estate
      Word Count: 236
      Article URL: http://www.isnare.com/?id=1677&ca=Real+Estate
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      ------------------ ARTICLE START ------------------
      If you're looking for that special property in France, here are
      8 quick tips that might help you on your way.

      1. Get Photos & Information before you view the property. You
      can cut down on wasted trips and expense this way.

      2. Consider looking for property in areas that you haven't
      previously visited and are not familiar with. Certain areas
      command premiums only because they are widely known.

      3. Consider your purchase thoroughly. As with any purhcase,
      buying without proper thought can result in unexpected costs.

      4. Get to know the area before you buy. Talk to people who have
      already purchased their home, holiday in the area, or even rent
      for a period.

      5. Meet the neighbours before you finalise your decision. Get
      to know them. As with any property purchase, your neighbours
      will be a part of your life once you've moved in to your new

      6. Negotiate. Contact a local valuer to get an impartial

      7. Consider taking independent legal advice, through another
      notary or another specialist. The vendor instucts the notary
      who acts in the sale of the property. They are acting in the
      conveyance of the property, but not for either side.

      8. Just as in the UK get the property inspected by a qualified
      buildings surveyor.

      Copyright 2005 Oliver Phillips. May be freely reproduced
      "as-is" for private and commercial use.

      About The Author: Oliver Phillips works for PFS France
      (http://www.propertyforsalefrance.co.uk/) a business that helps
      French property owners advertise and sell, and potential buyers
      find, some of the finest and best cared for traditional French
      properties available.
      ------------------ ARTICLE END ------------------

      For more free-reprint articles by Oliver Phillips please visit:
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