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Which IRA Is Best For You?

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  • C.C. Collins
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: C.C. Collins
      See Terms of Reprint Below.

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      Article Title:
      Which IRA Is Best For You?

      Article Description:
      An Ira is one of the greatest ways to save on taxes currently
      and accumulate money for the future. For individuals three types
      of IRA*s will normally come under consideration.

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      Written By: C.C. Collins
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      Which IRA Is Best For You?
      Copyright � 2005 C.C. Collins
      Scientific Wealth Strategies

      An Ira is one of the greatest ways to save on taxes currently
      and accumulate money for the future.

      For individuals three types of IRA's will normally come under

      - The Traditional or Regular IRA
      - The Education IRA
      - The Roth IRA

      Education IRA is now called the Coverdell Education Savings
      Account (ESA).

      Education IRAs allow you to save for qualified higher
      educational expenses for a beneficiary. Parents and guardians
      are allowed to make nondeductible contributions to an education
      IRA for a child under the age of 18.

      Contributions are allowed prior to the beneficiary turning 18,
      and contributions may not exceed $2,000 per beneficiary per

      Contributions are made with after-tax dollars. There is NO
      deduction for the contribution. Withdrawals, however, are
      tax- and penalty-free when adhering to certain rules.

      The traditional IRA allows you to contribute an amount and take
      a current deduction for the contribution. Withdrawal minimums
      must begin at a certain age and all withdrawals are taxable at
      the rate applicable when withdrawals are made. The main benefit
      is that any growth or gains remain free from taxation up to the
      point of withdrawal. Thus you would be getting tax-free

      The Roth IRA is perhaps the simplest - and potentially the
      most effective - sheltered account available.

      Roth IRA has a tax structure different from any other IRA:
      contributions are after-tax (no deduction is available) but
      growth is tax-free; AND once you put your money in you NEVER
      pay taxes again.

      Additionally, unlike a regular IRA, a Roth IRA does not require
      that you start withdrawing funds at age 70� or any other time.

      It's more flexible...

      Since you have already paid taxes up front, there are no
      minimum distribution requirements and since withdrawals are
      not reportable income, they won't affect your adjusted gross
      income during retirement.

      There are special techniques and strategies in creating and
      managing ANY IRA that create some huge benefits for the right
      person under the right circumstances.

      If you've ever been successful investing in things other than
      stocks and bonds, you've probably wished that these investments
      could be included in your IRA, 401(k) or other tax-deferred
      retirement plans.

      Amazingly to most people it's possible to have retirement
      dollars in vehicles such as:

      - Real Estate
      - Limited Liability Corporations,
      - Private Stock Offerings,
      - Trust Deeds,
      - Mortgage Notes,
      - Leases and Lease Options,
      - Joint Ventures,
      - U.S. Treasury Gold and Silver Coins,
      - Gold Bullion and many others.

      While some investors are privy to the information above, most
      people are just clueless to the fact that they have a lot more
      avenues for investing than what their Wall Street Journal tells

      If you are interested in exploring what your financial advisor
      knows that you don�t, including where they put THEIR money for
      strategic returns and investments, you can check out my free
      site on IRAs at http://www.irainfo4u.com.

      More information about these strategies are also presented in
      my new book, "Scientific Wealth Strategies.�

      C.C. Collins is a Wealth Strategist and Author of
      �Your Virtual Financial Advisor� at: http://wealthscientist.com
      Find more information at: http://www.irainfo4u.com

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