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Newsletter Publishers: The Redheaded Step Children Of Internet Marketing

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  • Bill Platt
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt Article Title: Newsletter Publishers: The Redheaded Step Children Of Internet Marketing See TERMS OF REPRINT to
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt

      Article Title:
      Newsletter Publishers: The Redheaded Step Children Of Internet Marketing

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      People who publish online newsletters, often referred to as
      ezines, have always played an important role in the growth of the
      Internet economy. In fact, if you listen to any of the Internet
      gurus, they are going to tell you time and again that the most
      important thing you can do towards the success of your online
      business is to build a list. Although newsletters can help online
      marketers earn a lot of money, most marketers fail to realize the
      true potential of newsletters...

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      Newsletter Publishers: The Redheaded Step Children Of Internet Marketing
      Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Bill Platt
      Writing Puzzle

      People who publish online newsletters, often referred to as
      "ezines", have always played an important role in the growth of
      the Internet economy. In fact, if you listen to any of the
      Internet gurus, they are going to tell you time and again that
      the most important thing you can do towards the success of your
      online business is to build a list.

      I think Titus Hoskins said it best when he said, "It is a well
      known fact that the key to successful online marketing comes from
      building a well targeted and responsive opt-in email list. This
      is mainly because your online marketing success comes from
      building relationships with a large subscriber base." Titus is
      the owner of http://www.bizwaremagic.com/

      Successful newsletter publishers have built profitable niche
      businesses that represent the very specific needs of very
      specific consumers in the marketplace. While it is true that some
      newsletter publishers have subscribers that number in the
      hundreds, those who have been building their newsletter for years
      have a subscriber base ranging in the 10's to 100's of
      thousands of subscribers.

      Joel Christopher (http://www.masterlistbuilder.com) says, "It's
      not just about building a list of names and emails, it's about
      building relationships and connections." He also says that
      newsletters are "not about huge numbers, it's about
      conversions. Converting names and emails into prospects, then
      into customers/clients, and finally into people who will promote

      For the newsletter publisher, it is about giving readers what
      they want and to win the loyalty of their readers for the years
      to come.

      Alexandria K. Brown, The Ezine Queen (http://www.ezinequeen.com/)
      advises her clients, "By showcasing your knowledge and skills,
      you will attract more and better clients and customers. You
      don't have to go say you're an expert. Instead, your audience
      will assume it." She also recommends, "What many folks don't
      know is that THE easiest and most effective way to do all this is
      to publish an e-mail newsletter or ezine."

      As an advertiser, it makes a lot of sense to have your ads appear
      in the newsletters that best serve your target market -
      preferably in those newsletters that have a large subscriber base
      of responsive readers.

      Ironically, it was newsletter marketing that turned me on to the
      potential of article marketing to promote my online endeavors.
      Ten years ago, I had a newsletter of my own. In order to grow my
      opt-in mailing list, I began doing advertising swaps with other
      newsletter publishers - a process by which I ran an ad for the
      other newsletter, and in turn they ran my ad in their newsletter.

      As the result of those advertising swaps, I found that some
      newsletters had a really responsive group of readers. I was so
      impressed with the interest generated for my business in some
      newsletters that I began to pay for advertising in those mailing

      Angela Booth (http://www.hotwebcopy.com/newsletters.html) says,
      "Once someone is on your ezine's subscriber list, you can
      connect with them each week or each month. Since you need to have
      several interactions (some authorities say up to seven times)
      with a customer before they buy, an ezine gives you the ideal way
      to build the customer relationship." Booth also pointed out that
      "An ezine can be 'the lifeblood' of your business."

      Yes, the money is in the list. And there is money not only for
      the person, who owns the mailing list, but also the advertiser
      who supports the publisher of the newsletter, and the persons who
      are involved in contributing content to the newsletter.

      I never fully appreciated that concept until March 6, 2000. That
      is the day that my first "reprint article" was published in a
      newsletter called Internet Day. It was a fairly substantial
      publication, formerly operated by http://www.Internet.com. In
      2000, Internet Day had over 150,000 subscribers. The response to
      that article was huge. I signed on a boatload of new subscribers
      to my newsletter, and I began to field questions from other
      Internet marketers about their businesses.

      Suddenly, I was considered an expert, and my advice was in

      Between you and I, although the article was decent, it was not
      exceptional, and I was not the guru that so many of Internet
      Day's readers wanted to believe that I was.

      But, Internet Day did teach me a very important lesson about the
      value of writing reprint articles. When an article gets published
      in a newsletter, it can drive a boatload of traffic to the
      authors' website on the day of publication, and over the next
      three days after publication.

      In a recent article of his own, Willie Crawford
      (http://timic.org/) explained, "I also understand that part of
      my job as an ezine publisher is to serve as a filter. My
      subscribers learn to expect quality from me, and will pay more
      attention to future offers from me than they will from the
      marketers who filled their hard drives with a bunch of useless

      When I sit down to write an article, I write that article with
      the express intention of making sure it is good enough to be
      considered by a publisher for his or her newsletter.

      In my thinking, publication in a newsletter can be more important
      than publication on a website, because it can literally put
      thousands of readers on my website in a single day. Over my years
      of writing articles, I have found that publication in a major
      newsletter can very realistically send a wave of thousands of
      targeted visitors to my website in just a few days - visitors who
      are interested in buying what I sell.

      It is true that like everyone else, I also want my articles to be
      published on websites, so that I can get that all-important link
      popularity from Google and to improve my websites' rankings in
      Google's search results. But above links on websites, I want my
      articles exposed to large newsletter audiences. I find that I
      still get my articles published on websites, whether I write the
      article with the intent of finding publication in newsletters or

      Did you realize that most newsletters are archived on the
      Internet? So when published in a newsletter, not only do I get a
      ton of traffic from the newsletter itself, but I also get links
      from the newsletter's online archives, and I also get my
      articles published on websites, whose webmasters tend to reprint
      articles found in their favorite newsletters.

      One example of someone who reprints articles found in her
      favorite newsletters is Debbie Johnson
      (http://friendfeed.com/debbiejohnson). Whenever she sees one of
      my articles in a newsletter that she reads, she adds the article
      to the forum at http://www.DreamTeamMoney.com This results in my
      article being read by hundreds, perhaps thousands of additional
      people - people who may have not had the chance to see my
      articles elsewhere.

      Another example of someone who republishes articles they like,
      after reading that article in a newsletter, is Flavio Bernardotti
      from Alessandria, Italy. After reading one of my articles in a
      popular newsletter, Flavio republished the article on his
      Italian-speaking website

      If you think for a minute that my article would have been
      published on Debbie's or Flavio's forums if the article had not
      been published in several large newsletters, then you are bound
      to keep overlooking the real potential of publication in

      This article has actually been inspired by a number of people,
      with whom I have spoke with on the phone. Each wanted to know a
      bit more about my business. And when I told them that our article
      distribution service targets publication in newsletters and
      websites, I was told that they did not care about publication in
      newsletters. I was told by each person that his or her only
      concern was links on websites to propel their websites rankings
      in Google.

      Every time I hear this from a potential client, my initial
      thought is, "Oh, my mistake... I have mistakenly believed you
      were in business to make money..."

      To tell you the truth, I am floored when I hear people tell me
      that newsletters don't matter... I have personally earned
      hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertising, as a result
      of my articles appearing in newsletters over the years. And more
      to the point of everyone reading this article, I have earned
      hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales, as a result of
      being published in newsletters.

      Yes, I do get links in websites also, and my websites generally
      rank well in Google and other search engines for competitive
      keywords. But my Google rankings are only part of the story...
      Less than 10% of the 2.5 million page views on my website were
      delivered by Google in 2008, and still, I received more than
      200,000 visits to my website in 2008, as a result of the
      thousands of top 10 and top 20 listings my websites possess in

      The truth is that you can target newsletters with your articles,
      and still achieve your search engine goals. But then again, if
      you never write articles that newsletter publishers want to
      publish, you will never know the power of newsletters for driving
      traffic, sales and search engine rankings.

      While newsletter publishers may be the redheaded stepchildren of
      most Internet marketers, they are and will always be "my
      favorite stepchildren".

      At http://WritingPuzzle.com/ you will find more training materials for article
      marketers. If you are more interested in writing and publishing books, then
      you may find http://ProfessionalBookMarketing.com/ to be your perfect
      cup of tea. Bill Platt has been teaching other writers how to create content
      that gets the reader's attention and how to promote themselves online, since
      early 2001. Subscribe to his mailing list here:

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