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Got No Heat In Your Tweets? - Defeating Social Networking Writer's Block!

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  • Bonnie Jo Davis
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2011
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      Article Title: Got No Heat In Your Tweets? - Defeating Social Networking =
      Writer's Block!

      Author Name: Bonnie Jo Davis
      Contact Email Address: bonnie@...
      Word Count: 475
      Suggested Category: social networking
      Keywords: Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,MySpace,social networking,social =
      media,status update,microblog,social =
      network,tweets,microblogging,tweeting,writer's block
      Description: Have you run out of things to say on Facebook, Twitter, =
      MySpace or LinkedIn? Read this article to get a list of twenty-four =
      ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
      Copyright Date: 2011

      You have permission to publish this article in your ezine or on your web =
      site, free of charge, as long as the byline and the article is included =
      in it's entirety. If you use the article you are required to activate =
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      Complete Article with Resource Box at end:

      Got No Heat In Your Tweets? - Defeating Social Networking Writer's =

      Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter =
      offer users the ability to post a status update or micro-blog. These =
      updates are short messages telling your friends or colleagues something =
      you want them to know. People want to do business with someone they =
      like, and keeping in touch with them through status updates and =
      micro-blogs is a good way to build trust and rapport.=20

      Keeping in touch with your customers and potential customers is =
      critical, whether you are a local brick and mortar business or a virtual =
      organization online. It is vitally important that you always use good =
      grammar and spelling to look your professional best. You also want to =
      make sure that when you link out to another site, it has a professional =
      image as well. Avoid trying to sell with your social networking =
      messages. Notification of a coupon or sale is fine, but use these =
      sparingly in order to retain your audience.

      The process of writing a good tweet, status update, or micro-blog can =
      take time and thought. But what happens when you are at a loss and can't =
      think about anything to write about? Writer's block happens to the best =
      of us - even if we're only trying to write 140 characters! Following is =
      a list of ideas to help you write the perfect message:

      * Inspirational quotes
      * Links to other helpful sites
      * Tips and tricks
      * Notification of sales or coupons
      * Charities you support
      * Book recommendations
      * People to follow
      * Notification of your new article or blog posts
      * Client testimonials
      * Recommendation of other blogs or articles
      * Media mentions
      * Events you are going to attend or promote
      * A recent business success story
      * A link to a case study
      * Products or services you recommend
      * Links to videos you like
      * A link to a survey you are running
      * Questions that will start a conversation
      * Statistics relevant to your niche
      * Contests you create and run
      * Contests run by others
      * Ask for advice
      * Writing about someone you admire
      * A historical event on that day

      These ideas are meant to stimulate your thinking. Not all of them will =
      apply to your particular niche, so pick the ones that you think will =
      work best. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field and =
      presenting yourself as a professional is important when you are using =
      social networking sites. Make sure the information you present is =
      interesting to your readers and adds value to the interaction. And =
      remember: everything you post on the internet is open to the world and =
      lasts forever - so don't write a status update that you don't want =
      everyone to see!

      =A9 2011, Davis Virtual Assistance. All rights reserved. Reprints =
      welcome so long as the article and byline are printed intact with all =
      links made live.

      If you find social networking a time-consuming hassle, then why not hire =
      someone to help you? Bonnie Jo Davis is a published author, internet =
      marketing virtual assistant, and local marketing expert. She offers =
      social networking packages for businesses of all sizes and can help you =
      with any aspect of internet marketing. For more information visit =
      http://www.your-marketing-assistant.com or =
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