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Get Paid Like An Expert By Developing A USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

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  • Ryan Parenti
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Parenti Article Title: Get Paid Like An Expert By Developing A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) See TERMS OF REPRINT to
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Parenti

      Article Title:
      Get Paid Like An Expert By Developing A USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      Want to get paid more for doing the same amount of work?
      Simply develop a USP to get paid like an expert. Here is how
      you make more money now...

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      Written By: Ryan Parenti
      Copyright: 2010
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      Get Paid Like An Expert By Developing A USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
      Copyright (c) 2010 Ryan Parenti
      Build Online Wealth

      Want to get paid more for doing the same amount of work? Simply
      develop a USP to get paid like an expert. Here is how you make
      more money now...

      Developing a USP (unique selling proposition) is your unique way
      of positioning yourself. Your unique selling position is vital if
      you want to be paid well. Get paid well here.

      It is essential to position yourself in a unique way because you
      will always have competition. Even if you have no competition you
      are still competing with a your prospects saying "no" to your

      Most people know that they need to position themselves in a
      unique way but rarely do you learn how to do this. Here is a way
      to set your self above the crowd and get paid like an expert.

      You need to map out the desires of your target market. This has
      nothing to do with you and everything to do with your market.

      What do they want? How do they want to get it? In what ways do
      they think they should get it? Who are the people who make up
      your target market anyways?

      Firstly you want to look at the people who you want to sell to.
      The typical person in the market. Who are the types of people
      that make up your market?

      Start mapping out the these types of answers and group them in
      categories. For example the people could be sales people,
      executives, human resources people, ect.

      So you want to put them all in one group in a visual way on
      perhaps a simple piece of paper.

      After you know who your market is then you want to figure out
      what they want or the role they are playing.

      For example do they want rapid business growth or to know more
      about business planning? Or both? Put everything they want on a
      piece of paper as well.

      Then you want to start determine how they are going to measure
      their goals. You want to look at what their goals, end results,
      and objectives are.

      As an example, are they going to measure success by customer
      growth, ROI, and/or achieving performance goals?

      After that you have a list of who they are, what they want, and
      how they will measure how to get there.

      The next step is to define the general strategies they will use
      and the challenges they will face.

      You want to know how they plan on getting from where they are to
      where they want to be as well as the roadblocks they will face
      along the way.

      Learn what they are measuring as well as how they are being
      measured. You also want to know what their strategies are as well
      as the challenges they have.

      Perhaps some techniques they will use are things like marketing,
      product improvement, getting better workers and so on.

      You are doing all of this so you know what places you can and
      should position yourself to help them in.

      After that you want to list the problems they will have along the
      way. Cashflow, cost control, customer satisfaction and
      distribution are all real challenges they might face.

      What you have done in a nutshell is find out?

      * Who your market is (the types of people)

      * What they want

      * How they will measure their success to go to where they want
      to go

      * The strategies they will take to get there

      * And the challenges they will face

      You just want to know everything that is valuable to your market.

      Then once you have it all mapped out you want to ask yourself if
      your product makes a significant impact on the information you
      have collected. After that you want to know in what way or how
      you impact the information you collected.

      Then all you need to do is find out what your product actually
      does for them relative to what they want.

      Then you know which areas you can make a difference. After that
      you just make your USP based on the areas in which you impact.

      This helps you understand what your customers actually want and
      how you can really fill a role in their lives. So now you know
      how what you do impacts the areas of their life.

      This gives you an understanding of the people your marketing to
      so you can know how to position yourself in their lives.

      You want to have all of your messages directed to what is most
      important to your market and how you will effect that.

      The best thing you can do is have an understanding of your market
      and know the areas that are important to your market that you
      want to effect.

      So simply take all the data you have gathered and put all of the
      areas you impact into a USP unique selling proposition. Here is
      the final result:

      "We help sales and marketing people achieve growth and revenue
      goals through business planning for increased customer and income
      growth all while increasing cash flow, product development, and
      competitive positioning."

      Here are four more good questions to ask to deepen your
      understanding of your USP.

      These four questions are good to ask to determine what makes your
      business unique.

      Why should they listen to you?

      Why should the market even care what you have to say. Is there
      something special about you or are you just another person trying
      to sell them something.

      The idea here is to give them a real reason that they should
      listen to you instead of your competition.

      Why should they do business with you instead of anybody and
      everybody else?

      Is there any real reason to do business with you? Why should your
      prospects do business with you instead of your competition?

      What can your product do for me that no other product can do?

      What does your product uniquely do that no other service can
      claim to do? Or maybe you just do it in a unique way.

      Leverage what is is that you do differently so you can give
      yourself more exclusive positioning.

      What can you guarantee me that nobody else can guarantee?

      "Can you guarantee me a 365 day satisfaction guarantee on these
      French fries?" Said the man to the clerk. "No, but I our policy
      states that if anyone is unhappy with our service their next 7
      dinners are free." Now that is a good start for a USP unique
      selling proposition...

      I will sum it all up in one sentence.

      Make yourself unique by having an original claim to give your
      potential customers something they can't get anywhere else then
      deliver on it.

      If you are serious about increasing sales, traffic and
      affiliates on autopilot without spending a small fortune
      setting it all up go ahead and download this free audio and
      learn the exact steps you need for increased internet profits:
      Written by: Ryan Parenti

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