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4 Amazingly Simple Ways To Double or Triple Your Internet Sales!

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  • Dan Lok
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Dan Lok See Terms of Reprint Below. ***************************************************************** * * This email is being
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Dan Lok
      See Terms of Reprint Below.

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      4 Amazingly Simple Ways To Double or Triple Your Internet Sales!

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      The truth is, most internet marketers don't have a problem
      getting traffic. They have problems converting browsers into
      buyers, and more often than not, the problem lies with their
      web copy. It's brutal, but bad copy is bad copy, long and

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      Written By: Dan Lok
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      4 Amazingly Simple Ways To Double or Triple Your Internet Sales!
      Copyright (c) 2009 Dan Lok
      Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

      It's sad, but true.

      Most internet entrepreneurs are struggling with poor response,
      and have no idea how to go about increasing the effectiveness of
      their marketing beyond increasing the size of their advertising
      budget. This foolishness never ends.

      The truth is, most internet marketers don't have a problem
      getting traffic. They have problems converting browsers into
      buyers, and more often than not, the problem lies with their web

      It's brutal, but bad copy is bad copy, long and short.

      It costs nothing to tweak your web copy, and yet you can get
      measurable, marked improvements in response!

      Here are 4 little known ways which cost nothing to implement to,
      radically improve your internet profits.

      Response Booster #1: Add DRAMA!

      Fact #1: It's hard to get anybody's attention

      Fact #2: It's hard to keep their attention

      Read this:

      "Bill was shocked. He had never seen so much blood in his
      life... it was almost nauseating. It wasn't his fault. He buried
      his face in his hands and wept... she was such a lovely

      I bet you really want to know what happened next, don't you?

      Well, I don't know what happened next either cause I just made
      that up. But I think this proves how powerful a device drama can

      The key is to keep your reader hooked!

      If your reader doesn't read your copy, your copy has no chance
      of selling anything!

      Here's one of my favorite quotes from the famous mystery writer
      Dashiell Hammet, who gave other budding writers this advice:

      "When in doubt, have someone come crashing through the door with
      a gun."

      Response Booster #2: Give Them The Facts

      Do you know what's the #1 trend online?


      There are way too many scandals in the political, economic,
      educational, religious and financial arena.

      People just don't know who to trust anymore, do you?

      On the web, almost every mother's son is THE GURU.

      Who do you trust?

      Does your sales letter answer the questions: Who are you, why
      should I pay attention to you and why should I buy from you?

      You have to back up what you say with the cold, hard
      unadulterated FACTS.

      Response Booster #3: Empathize

      Here's a direct quote from Robert Collier from his legendary out
      of print book, "The Robert Collier Letter book":

      "The reader of this letter wants certain things. The desire for
      them, is consciously or unconsciously, the dominant idea in his
      mind all the time. You want him to do a certain definite thing
      for you. How can you tie this up to the thing he wants, in such a
      way that the doing of it will bring him a step nearer to his

      You must get out of your own ego and get into theirs!

      When you truly know your prospect inside out, you'll be able to
      display empathy in your sales copy, and be able to push their
      emotional buttons, and hit them in the "sweet spot" to make
      them say, "I really want to buy this."

      Response Booster #4: Dress Up

      It's really important that you know why your website looks the
      way it does.

      While many will argue that it's not always true... people DO
      judge a book by its cover, and for that matter, your website from
      how it looks.

      You can radically increase the chance of your prospect doing
      business with you, by conveying credibility through your font and
      color section. It's easy to tell an amateurish website from a

      If you don't convey credibility, you'll lose the sale as people
      are wary about credit card fraud, and there's no way they will
      gamble with fate and give their credit card number to a website
      that looks like crap.

      Ask yourself, "Do the graphics enhance readership and
      credibility, or are they there simply for the sake for being

      This is the vest best "litmus test" for using graphics in your
      web copy.

      There's one more thing that stands between your web copy and the
      results you should be getting from it.


      Go for it!

      Dan "The Man" Lok

      A former college dropout, Dan The Man Lok transformed himself
      from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to an internet
      multi-millionaire. Dan came to North America with little
      knowledge of the English language and few contacts. Dan just
      created a 4-part video explaining exactly how he makes millions
      online, watch them here >> http://www.websiteconversionexpert.com

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