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Speed Business Processes with Workflow Automation

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  • Anne Sych
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Anne Sych
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      Speed Business Processes with Workflow Automation

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      Does your business manage routine tasks that follow a prescribed
      cycle? If so, then you are practicing workflow management. In
      1996, the Workflow Management Coalition defined workflow as...

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      Speed Business Processes with Workflow Automation
      Copyright (c) 2006 Anne Sych
      Novo Help Desk Software

      Does your business manage routine tasks that follow a prescribed
      cycle? If so, then you are practicing workflow management. In
      1996, the Workflow Management Coalition defined workflow as "The
      automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which
      documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant
      to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules."*

      The workflow process has been in practice for many years.
      Employees would be assigned a task, and then after completing
      their responsibility hand it off to the next in line who would
      perform his/her function and the process would continue until the
      last task was completed. While manual workflow provided some
      practical benefits, it was limiting in its ability to effectively
      manage processes. A breakdown in one part of the process would
      affect the whole process. Tracking a task was problematic as it
      was difficult to know the status of a given task in process. And
      time management was difficult if not impossible to control.
      These business processes were dependent on people and their own
      scheduling practices to complete the workflow cycle.

      Well times have changed and modern workflow technology is able to
      provide automation to even the most multifaceted tasks. Today's
      workflow systems can now handle very complex series of processes
      involving multiple users and events. Within the workflow
      software, business "rules" are initially created to define
      prescribed scenarios. If "this" happens, then do "this", when
      "this" happens do "that". Tasks, events, workers / departments,
      etc. are scheduled into the process and assigned their respective
      duty. Task components can be divided and assigned simultaneously
      to execute the process, and best of all tasks can be tracked so
      administrative personnel can better manage the tasks.
      Sophisticated reporting allows management to not only track
      tasks, but also to access valuable information like completion
      times, problem areas, and desired notifications as prescribed in
      the set up. Not only are workflows performed in a more efficient
      manner, but the result is a faster workflow completion cycle.

      This technology is changing the way many companies manage their
      workflow providing more efficient and faster workflow processes.
      Workflow components are often integrated with knowledge base and
      help desk support software systems.

      * Workflow: An Introduction, Rob Allen, www.wfmc.org

      Written by: Anne Sych, Marketing Manager for Novo Solutions, Inc.
      Novo Solutions, Inc. is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
      in Virginia Beach, Virginia specializing in Customer Support
      Software. Free trial versions of the Novo Help Desk Software,
      Knowledge Base Software and suite of web-based Customer Support
      Solutions are available. Contact: sales@... for
      more information. http://www.novosolutions.com/

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