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Why Do Performance Measurement Tools Work?

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  • Kent Jacobson a.k.a. Mr. Success
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Kent Jacobson a.k.a. Mr. Success See Terms of Reprint Below. *****************************************************************
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Kent Jacobson a.k.a. Mr. Success
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      Why Do Performance Measurement Tools Work?

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      As a business owner, manager, quality professional or
      entrepreneur, performance measurement must be part of your basic
      business plan for improvement and continued success.

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      Why Do Performance Measurement Tools Work?
      Copyright (c) 2006 Kent Jacobson a.k.a. Mr. Success
      Shortcut 2 Success

      As a business owner, manager, quality professional or
      entrepreneur, performance measurement must be part of your basic
      business plan for improvement and continued success. A
      performance measurement tool allows you to establish minimum and
      great expectation levels against the goals set for individuals
      and organizations. A good set measurement tools provides a visual
      representation of current performance levels against a specific
      set of goals. There are a number of good tools you can select
      from, investigate what fits into your business or individual
      preference, and then get started. What you will find very
      positive after tool deployment and implementation, is the ability
      to communicate your priorities clearly. Additionally, visually
      represented data in a chart or graph is easy to explain, easy to
      understand, and it keeps people focused. Display the charts or
      graphs in a place that prompts people to stop and look and can
      even fosters discussion. Allow enough room around the display for
      group discussions and review.

      A few examples of performance measurement tools are: Pareto
      Chart, Run Chart, and Histogram, Cause and Effect Diagram, Cycle
      Time studies or packaged SPC programs. The point is there are a
      number of tools available for your situation and implementation.
      If you have questions about application or usage of these tools,
      seek out quality professionals in your organization or go on-line
      and search for training and or product demonstrations. There are
      quit a few good reference web sites providing free information as
      well as links to professional quality organizations such as the
      American Society for Quality.

      After you get your goals understood, measurement tools up and
      running, take the next step towards organizational communication
      and performance improvement by utilizing a scorecard or summary
      performance matrix. The scorecard is a simple summary matrix
      identifying the overall key business goals and their respective
      performance indices. A lot of people refer to these performance
      matrixes as stop light charts, because of the incorporation of
      the colors red, green and yellow. If you incorporate red (poor),
      green (good) and yellow (marginal) highlights, the focus of
      resources can be deployed to understand and correct the poorer
      performing indices.

      The flexibility of the scorecard matrix allows alignment and
      deployment down through as many levels an organization as you see
      fit. The scorecard matrix allows integration of many indices
      vertically to the top company priorities. Normally, companies
      look at three general categories; financial, quality and customer
      satisfaction. Pick what your key business performance goals,
      identify how to measure, understand the data and reward the

      My check and balance before starting a performance measurement
      activity is simply asking: Am I sure this activity is meaningful
      and measurable? Good luck in reaching your goals and in
      continuously trying to find ways to continuously improve.

      Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. "Mr. Success" is a trusted authority in the
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