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So You Think You Aren’t Creative? Build Your Own Coffee Table to Discover Your Own Artistic Spark!

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  • Pamela Cole Harris
    Title: So You Think You Aren’t Creative? Build Your Own Coffee Table to Discover Your Own Artistic Spark! Author: Pamela Cole Harris Copyright: 2003
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
      Title: So You Think You Aren�t Creative? Build Your Own Coffee Table to Discover Your Own Artistic Spark!
      Author: Pamela Cole Harris
      Copyright: 2003

      Article Originally Written: November, 2003

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      So You Think You Aren�t Creative? Build Your Own Coffee Table to Discover Your Own Artistic Spark!
      Copyright � 2003, Pamela Cole Harris
      Home and Garden Makeover.com

      Nothing is more satisfying than creating a special piece of
      furniture for your home! And probably no major furniture piece
      allows more creativity than a coffee table. But you think you
      are about as imaginative (and colorful!) as white walls and a
      popcorn ceiling. Take heart! There are ways to release that
      little creative spark you are sure just isn't there!

      Here's how to begin to allow that dormant creative instinct to

      1. Immerse yourself in books and magazines to find a coffee
      table you love. Don't limit yourself to a certain decor or
      style. Just find something that brings you joy!

      2. Break the shape of the coffee table down into elements:
      o Are the legs bowed, turned, straight or rounded? Clawfoot or
      plain? Or maybe it has not legs, only a center base.
      o Is the top rustic or sleek, clear or opaque, smooth or rough?
      o Is the base round or square or indefinable?

      3. Look around you. Is there something that has the same general
      shape as each of the elements you have defined? Don't limit
      yourself to something you expect coffee tables to be made
      of. Just check shapes which mimic those you have discovered.

      4. After you find a shape that is approximately the same as
      the one you want, check the materials from which it is
      o Are the materials strong enough to hold up to frequent use?
      o Is there a way to attach a base or top? Or will the top
      simply rest on the base anchored by its own weight.
      o If it is to rest on the base, will the top remain stable?
      If you have children, it is better to use a base which can
      be securely attached to the top.
      o If the top is not to be attached, make certain the top rests
      on at least three even points on the base.
      o Also make certain that the top you chose is not too big to
      balance on the base.

      5. After you find the shape and stability you want, check for
      color and texture. Ask yourself:
      o Do you want color?
      o If so, do you want the table to be a focal point or an
      o Do you want texture? If you have small children, chose
      materials and textures which are safe and free from textures
      which have sharp edges.
      o Do you want to keep the original look of the object or shape?

      6. If you have decided to change the color, paint or sand the
      pieces which you have chosen. A good sanding and a coat of
      black or white paint or a quick stain can work wonders! If
      you want a more decorative look and you have no artistic
      talent, there are wonderful touches which you can easily
      apply available at your hobby/sewing store. Or use cut-out
      shapes from wallpaper! You can even print an appropriate
      pattern from the internet onto photo paper and decoupage
      (get supplies from your local hobby store!)

      7. Assemble the shapes or elements into an original table!
      Combine the top and base to make your one-of-a-kind coffee
      table! And you thought you weren't creative!

      Utilitarian or purely decorative, the possibilities for
      expressing yourself with your own coffee table are endless.
      Elegant, rustic, romantic, sleek, colorful or subtle, coffee
      tables can make a visual impact in any room. Want 100+ other
      ideas for an imaginative coffee table? Check out my new book!

      Resource Box:
      Pamela Cole Harris is an editor, writer and eco-decorator
      with over 35 years experience. Her website,
      http://www.homeandgardenmakeover.com is full of her unique
      decorating ideas and "how-to"s. Her new book, "100+ Wildly
      Imaginative Ideas for Creating Your Own Coffee Table - a
      Handbook for the Creatively Deficient Decorator " is available
      through her website or at http://www.lulu.com/pamelacoleharris .

      Posted: Mon Dec 1 16:18:40 EST 2003

      For more articles by this author, please visit:

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