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30Loosing Customers and Losing Sales

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  • Bill Platt
    Oct 1, 2003
      Title: Loosing Customers and Losing Sales
      Author: Bill Platt
      Copyright: 2003

      Article Originally Written: September, 2003

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      Loosing Customers and Losing Sales
      Copyright � 2003, Bill Platt
      the Phantom Writers

      The number of people who write free-reprint articles, to promote
      their online business, is increasing with each passing month. I
      should know --- I have built my own business around free-reprint

      As the manager of several article distribution groups, I have
      seen an average of 291 articles per month go through my biggest
      group. Hundreds of publishers, webmasters and writers subscribe
      to article distribution lists such as this group:


      Of course, the goal of the group is for writers to get their
      articles to publishers and webmasters who might reprint the
      work. When publishers and webmasters decide to publish a
      specific article, the writer hopes that the article will
      generate volumes of traffic and sales for their own website.


      As I review each article for distribution to the groups, I see
      one misspelling time after time that really leaps from the page.

      Hey, it is not my reputation on the line, so why should it

      A writer's reputation can be made or broken by his or her use
      of the written word. So many people look up to writers as people
      who have a gift to share ideas with the masses.

      The reason we are able to share ideas with others is not because
      we are special. The truth is that we are able to share ideas
      because we are not afraid to try to do so, and we are not afraid
      to work at it.

      Being afraid to try and messing up the process are two different


      It pains me when I see articles coming through to the groups
      where there are problems with spelling, grammar or formatting.
      For some reason, we publishers tend to expect the writer to
      put forth the time and effort in advance to make sure that the
      article is ready for copy-and-paste publication.

      In the old days, I used to edit articles for publication in my
      own ezines. Soon, my workload became too much and I had to begin
      to cut down on my time expenditures. At first, I simply stopped
      formatting articles for publication. Eventually, I even stopped
      proofreading articles for publication. When I reached this
      point, I had made a decision that if an article was not
      copy-and-paste ready, then I would not publish it in my
      own ezines.

      It should come as no surprise to writers that spelling, grammar
      and formatting could be as important to the publication decision
      process, as the message communicated in the article.

      But, in watching the articles come through to the groups, I have
      to wonder what is in the mind of some writers.


      Writers take the time and effort to write the articles to
      promote their own businesses.

      But, if there are misspellings, bad grammar or no formatting, the
      chances of the article getting published is greatly diminished.

      I am not willing to venture how many more people might publish
      an article if everything was in good shape, but I can guarantee
      you that some people may opt against publishing an article due
      to these kinds of problems. Writers, who do not invest sufficient
      effort in the creation of their articles, make the process of
      elimination much easier for the publishers who seek to reprint
      the content.


      � Losing - To be unsuccessful in retaining possession of;
      mislay. To be unable to keep control or allegiance of: *is
      losing supporters by changing his mind.*

      � Loosing - To cast loose; detach: *hikers loosing their packs
      at camp.*

      Far too often, I see writers talk about *losing* customers. Yet,
      when they spell the word, they spell it *loosing*.

      If you would note, the act of *losing* customers has to do with
      not being able to hold on to them. *Losing* reflects doing it
      without intent.

      On the other hand, the act of *loosing* customers means to set
      them free --- voluntarily.

      I am not sure that anyone actually *looses* their customers,
      unless they are closing their businesses. Most businesses simply
      *lose* their customers, quite by accident and definately against
      their will.


      I hope my title now makes sense to you --- *Loosing* Customers
      and *Losing* Sales.

      Take the time to get your spelling, grammar and formatting
      right. If you write articles and choose not to take the time
      to get your article right, then I could probably assume that
      you are --- with intent --- *loosing* customers.

      Hey, it is your choice.

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      Posted: Wed Oct 1 03:54:02 EDT 2003

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