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[ExtensiveReading] language learner literature award

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  • Julian Bamford
    Hi ER list, Below is an announcement of a new award for language learner literature (graded readers) in English. If you are involved with or know of any ELT
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 2, 2004
      Hi ER list,
      Below is an announcement of a new award for language learner literature
      (graded readers) in English. If you are involved with or know of any ELT
      media (local newsletters; websites, etc.), feel free to forward the
      announcement to them. Or you can send their email address to me and I'll
      mail them the announcement with the handsome Extensive Reading Foundation
      logo as an attachment.
      Best wishes,
      The Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Award

      The Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF) is a new, unaffiliated, not-for
      profit group to support and promote extensive reading in language education.
      As its first initiative, the ERF has established an award for language
      learner literature (graded readers) in English.

      There are four categories of the Award for individual books:
      Adolescents & Adults (3 categories)
      Younger Learners (1 category).

      The Award is annual, for books published in the previous year. However, in
      2004, the inaugural year, the Award is for any books in print and
      copyrighted up to and including 2003.

      Publishers are invited to nominate up to three books in each category. The
      nominated books will be read by an international jury of teachers and
      extensive reading professionals who will come up with a shortlist of three
      books in each category. These books are the Finalists. Language learners
      and their teachers are then invited to vote online for their favorite books
      among these Finalists. The jury will determine the winners taking into
      account the views of their students, and the voting from all parts of the

      By regularly recognizing books of outstanding quality and appeal, the Award
      aims to support the development of language learner literature in English,
      and to encourage extensive reading in language programs. Publishers will
      display the Award information on the covers of their finalist and winning
      books. This will be seal of quality for teachers and students looking for
      good books to read.

      In this inaugural year, publishers nominate books by June 30th, 2004. The
      Finalists are announced on July 31st, 2004. Online voting commences on
      September 1st and closes on September 30th. The winners of the first Awards
      will be announced toward the end of the year.

      The ERF plans two further awards, for innovation and for outstanding
      achievement. The names and details of these will be announced shortly.

      For information on the ERF and on how to vote for the Finalists, see the ERF
      homepage <www.erfoundation.org>. Publishers who want details on how to
      nominate books may write to <bamford@...>
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