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3716a budget windfall! Oh, but how to spend it all?

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  • Ron Murphy
    Feb 26, 2008
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      Hi all. I have a problem. A wonderful problem, actually. I'm
      wondering if anyone out there could help me:

      I have -- suddenly -- been given a rather generous budget to spend on
      reading material for our Center's student support room. Gee, poor
      me, eh? Yeah, I thought that would be your reaction.

      Anyway, I'm fairly well-versed in the area of graded readers. But I
      am looking to add other types of reading material -- encyclopedias,
      maps, posters, magazines, manuals, cook books, etc. If anyone knows
      good materials along these lines, I am very open for suggestions.
      The money must be spent within about three weeks. I am at a
      university, average student's English ability is false beginner,
      though there are plenty of others who fill the range from high
      beginner to (a few) advanced.


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