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2776JALT 06 ER Forum coordinatar request and proposals

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  • Tracy Cramer
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Hello everyone,

      It's not too early to start thinking about whether we want to have an ER Forum at the JALT Conference (November 2nd to the 5th) in Kitakyushu:

      In fact, it's a little late as there has been no discussion on any of the lists, unless I missed something.

      The big questions of the moment are:
      1. Do you want to present?
      2. If yes, do you have a proposal ready, or almost ready? (
      Presentation title and synopsis.)

      3. Would you be willing to coordinate, or co-coordinate, the Forum? (It looks good on a resume, and generates lots of postive karma!)

      Tina Ferrato and Matthew White (past extraordinary coordinators) have very kindly put together a "to-do" list for the coodinator (s) which I've pasted in below. It's a longish list, but don't be intimidated because whoever steps up to the plate will be ably assissted by someone else.

      I have already said that I would take the lead in coordinating IF no one else can spare me the added work of being the ER Forum coordinator at a conference where I will also be the Co-Featured Speaker Liasion, and hopefully doing a presentation or two of my own!

      Many teachers
      in Japan are still on vacation, and may not be seeing this email any time soon, so I will send it out again in about 9 days. March 11 to March 21 I'll be out of the country, and also attending TESOL in Tampa, so I won't be doing much of anything Forum related until after I return, at which time folks should have answered the above questions. We can then decide  if we have enough presenters (7 or 8?) to go forward with the forum.

      Ja, gambate! Tracy

      Tracy Cramer
      Kansai Gaidai University
      16-1 Nakamiyahigashino-cho
      Hirakata City, Osaka 573-1001

      Coordinator(s) Responsibilities:
      1. Call for presentations for the ER Forum.
      2. Get presentation titles & synopses from all presenters.
      3. Mediate/dictate discussion on how the Forum ideally will be run
      considering the number of presenters and the time slot (see if any
      presenters have restrictions on when they can attend). Time for the LLL
      Awards Announcement? Need for someone to offer introduction to ER?
      4. Posting the contents of the application to make sure you have an
      agreeable title, well-edited abstract and summary, and each presenter's
      title, summary, affiliation and JALT membership number correct. Include
      an urgent request for a room appropriate for this venue.
      5. Submit on-line application.
      6. Contact publishers of Graded Readers for contribitutions to the giveaway.
      7. Once submission is accepted, find out about the room and iron out specifics on how the forum will go... Layout of presentations... time for set-up and clean up....
      8. Keep in touch with all presenters and send reminders to pre-register
      and to include any requests for OHP or what have you.
      9. Make a list of related presentations and create a handout to publicize
      the forum.
      10. Spread the word about the forum and get others to do the same.
      11. Remind publishers about the giveaway and arrange when and where the
      readers/CDs will be handed over.
      12. Make sure all the presenters are able to attend and arrange set-up
      13. Create handouts for those who attend.
      14. Day of: smile and keep cool while running a three-ring circus. Use
      check-list to make sure you remember everything.  (Slips for book giveaway? Feedback forms?) Hopefully, you've had time to bake cookies to share w/ the presenters afterwards.  : -)