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  • fakio11015
    Feb 13, 2002
      My name is FURUKAWA Akio (古川昭夫).
      I am not an English teacher, so my English
      may be not fully understandable.

      I am a member of SSS English Learning Study Group.
      We believe every students get remarkable progress
      in Enlgish ability through reading a Million words.
      Actually many students got far better English ability
      after a million words graded reading.

      All of our students starts to read books from
      less than 200 headwords level.

      Our web site is at http://www.seg.co.jp/sss/.
      At our site we have comment pages to graded readers
      and have a dicussion board on learning English through

      By now , all our members are Japanese learners and
      a techer. The teacher is Prof. SAKAI Kunihide
      of Electric and Communication University.

      We are studying an efficient method to learn English
      by Extensive Reading.

      Our method were introduced by YOHAN NEWS and
      ENGLISH JOURNAL recently.

      We will have a meeting on ER in Tokyo on June.
      (in Japanese) )

      If you have any comments to our activity, don't
      hesitate to contact us at bookclub0@....

      Best Wishes
      Akio FURUKAWA
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