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  • David Meadows
    [apologies for crossposting ... you wouldn t believe how many lists I feel morally-bound to send this to] Greetings, This morning I finally connected long
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2000
      [apologies for crossposting ... you wouldn't believe how many lists I feel
      morally-bound to send this to]

      This morning I finally connected long enough to my ISP to update my virus
      definitions for Norton antivirus and I was greatly dismayed to discover
      that I had been infected with the W32.Plage.Worm. I have no idea when I was
      infected with same, but the virus apparently first appeared in January of
      2000 (which coincides with a time I was having -- and continue to have --
      problems connecting with my ISP, including in regards to such things as
      scheduled tasks like Live Update for Norton Antivirus). It isn't really a
      harmful thing, as far as viruses/worms go, but it is one of those things
      one can pass along without even knowing it -- it supposedly sends a message
      to any unanswered message it finds in your email program. If you have
      received a message like the following from me (or anyone else, for that

      P2000 Mail auto-reply:
      ' I'll try to reply as soon as possible.
      Take a look to the attachment and send me your opinion! '
      > Get your FREE P2000 Mail now! <

      ... you should do a virus scan. There is an attachment that comes with the
      message as a supposed .zip file which can have various names (mine was
      news_doc.zip but apparently the name is randomly selected from a list). If
      you haven't received such a message, there should be no need to worry.
      As for what the virus does, if you're on your computer between midnight and
      2 a.m. on a Wednesday, you'll be given a rather disturbing image on your
      screen of Hitler with a gun in his mouth and an appeal to stop the "plage"
      (sic) affecting the world.

      More info on the virus (including info on the various file names of the
      attachment containing it) at:


      I sincerely hope I haven't passed this along to you, but if I have, my
      sincerest apologies.


      ]|[David Meadows]|[ http://web.idirect.com/~atrium ]|[Rogue Classicist]|[
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