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  • David Meadows
    ]|[============================================]|[ ]|[ ]|[ EXPLORATOR ]|[ ]|[ Watching the Web for News of the Ancient World ]|[ ]|[ Volume 2, Issue 62
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 1999

      ]|[ ]|[ EXPLORATOR
      ]|[ ]|[ Watching the Web for News of the Ancient World
      ]|[ ]|[ Volume 2, Issue 62 -- September 27, 1999


      Editor's note: Depending on your mail software, some urls may wrap which
      will require you to rebuild the url at your end; if you get a 'file not
      found', check to see if the url wrapped on you. Most urls should be active
      for at least eight hours from the time of 'publicatio' .


      Usually I don't send out an issue with less than three items, but today
      I'll make an exception since my internet connection went kablooey in the
      midst of putting together this issue, and the two things I did find seem
      important enough:

      According to the Times of London, Robert Ballard has found some
      confirmatory evidence of the Black Sea Flood that has been much in the news
      (and will be on television next weekend) in the form of an ancient
      shoreline, some 450 feet below the surface:


      The Times also has a brief item on the discovery of a camel cemetery in the
      UAE as well as a number of other animal burials, dating apparently to the
      "last few centuries b.c.":


      n.b. These urls don't look quite right to me ... if they do not work, both
      items are in today's (i.e. Monday's Times ... the camel thing is on the
      Court Page)


      EXPLORATOR is an irregular newletter (posted every two-three days)
      representing the fruits of the labours of 'media research division' of The
      Atrium. Various on-line news and magazine sources are scoured on a daily
      basis for news of the ancient world (broadly construed: practically
      anything relating to archaeology or history prior to about 1700 or so is
      fair game) and when a sufficient number of urls are gathered (usually a
      minimum of three stories), they are delivered to your mailbox free of
      charge! Those articles that don't expire, plus supplementary links
      eventually find a home at:

      Commentarium (news articles)


      The Rostra (audio files)


      A media archive of links of files that have previously appeared in
      Commentarium or at the Rostra is currently under construction.


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      but please include this copyright notice. These listings are not to be
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      or Rostra (or both)!

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