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  • David Meadows
    ]|[============================================]|[ ]|[ ]|[ EXPLORATOR ]|[ ]|[ Watching the Web for News of the Ancient World ]|[ ]|[ Volume 2, Issue 58
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 1999

      ]|[ ]|[ EXPLORATOR
      ]|[ ]|[ Watching the Web for News of the Ancient World
      ]|[ ]|[ Volume 2, Issue 58 -- September 15, 1999


      Editor's note: Depending on your mail software, some urls may wrap which
      will require you to rebuild the url at your end; if you get a 'file not
      found', check to see if the url wrapped on you. Most urls should be active
      for at least eight hours from the time of 'publicatio' .


      Today's tidbits:

      CNN has a report on this year's list of endangered archaeological sites
      (thanks to Jean LaPlante for the heads up!):


      The Athenian News Agency reports on the recovery of artifacts stolen from
      the museum at Corinth a decade ago (scroll down a bit -- thanks to Arnd Lis
      for the heads up):


      ABCNews picks up a Reuters piece with the latest on the 'Canadian Iceman':



      EXPLORATOR is an irregular newletter (posted every two-three days)
      representing the fruits of the labours of 'media research division' of The
      Atrium. Various on-line news and magazine sources are scoured on a daily
      basis for news of the ancient world (broadly construed: practically
      anything relating to archaeology or history prior to about 1700 or so is
      fair game) and when a sufficient number of urls are gathered (usually a
      minimum of three stories), they are delivered to your mailbox free of
      charge! Those articles that don't expire, plus supplementary links
      eventually find a home at:

      Commentarium (news articles)


      The Rostra (audio files)


      A media archive of links of files that have previously appeared in
      Commentarium or at the Rostra is currently under construction.


      Explorator is Copyright (c) 1999 David Meadows; Feel free to
      distribute these listings via email to your pals, students, teachers, etc.,
      but please include this copyright notice. These listings are not to be
      posted to a website; instead, please provide a link to either Commentarium
      or Rostra (or both)!

      You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from this list by going to the
      following web page:


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      ]|[ David Meadows ]|[ http://web.idirect.com/~atrium ]|[ Rogue Classicist ]|[
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