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SOL WEEK begins

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  • peter adams
      SOL WEEK - (every 6 days the sun and sol join as they did this morning 8 am EST) The SOL DAIS – how to look at the aspects of the day - Wednesday
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2011


      SOL WEEK - (every 6 days the sun and sol join as they did this morning 8 am EST)

      The SOL DAIS – how to look at the aspects of the day -

      Wednesday September 7

      SOL WEEK message: Observe your best work options and efforts, being perfecting and focused or observe, good self-discipline, get the job done, motivate to purity and clarity, organize, and limit negative, restrict or control or fashion and craft to the best of ability. Be pure and objective, neutral, but also concerned for healing, health, good intention, and cooperation.

      Virgo and Sol unity – The best work and organization, discipline, coordination, perfection.  

      SOL AND AURORA JOIN – music, artistry, craft and pleasure, improving economics

      HERMES AND URANUS join – universal communications and mind, broad reach, invention

      Mars Joins Pluto and Neptune – hot spots and intensity, purpose,

      The sol dais today is Virgo. It runs with Aurora(venus) the entire day, very close making it a mostly beautiful, rich, and lovely dais.

      The sol sun rise point in EST eastern time was 6PM at 27 leo, as the sol is illuminated, and also shows a final dais as summer ends.

      The sol dais lasts 12 hours, and entered the Shariat (Virgo) sign at the rising in Chicago and the Midwest at 7:12am, where the weather is beautiful in the north central united states and in opposition to the sol moon in pisces to the south, where Texas is experiencing drought (lack of water) and fires near Austin, the capital. One wonders if the Texans are aware of the laws of karma (oil industry and religiosity in the form of the governor) which seems to relate to the heat wave and challenges in that zone. The cleanup and fair weather follow the storm “Lee” in New Orleans falls on the direction of the moon point at 87 west which is in Mississippi.  The sol rises near 99 west which aligns close enough to west texas and fire zone there. Virgo implies extreme caution is needed, and careful cleaning and protection, frugal administration of effort and controls.

      The main challenge in this dais is along the north south axis, where Sol Lil (Lilith) opposes Saturn (Hera). On the cusp of the 87 degree chart but slightly to the west about 2 to 6 degrees, we can surmise the 89 to 95 degree zone which reaches close to the fire zone in Austin. It seems a woman’s scorn, symbolically. But we can also go from the rising at 87 to these points a full 90 degrees to the east or west and arrive at -3 east (France) or 177 west (Dateline) and perhaps a bit more east or west of those points. The Lilith is 21 taurus which aligns with 51 north, and hera is 24 scorpio which is aligned with the 98 degree west zone, but also 21 taurus is the 51 degree which is generally the atlantic, close to the location of the hurricane category 3 nearing bermuda. The 21 scorpio half way around the world is aligned with -139 which is near Japan and western Australia. A typhoon has recently moved through Japan into the mainland of China there. Lilith is passing Saturn and so the main danger is past, the threat and problems diminish a good deal as favorable sol and venus lovingly present us a fair dais overall.

      This morning Hermes (Mercury) and Uranus merged in Libra as pleasant weather in the Midwest, and the movement of united communications and educational efforts running well in schools.  The universal principle is alive and well this dais and business news is good as well as positive economic and social efforts. However, Ares (sol mars) is leaning to Kronos (Pluto) and Poseidon indicating some violence in late Capricorn and the coastal warning about rip currents along the east coast as Hurricane Katia passes east in the ocean and heads north.  Cleanup efforts and flooding are indicated threats in New Jersey and other eastern states hit by the previous hurricane Irene. New York is a Capricorn area.

      The sol points this dais are sol square Uranus in the morning with sol trine Pluto by 9am. The sol moves to trine jove (Jupiter) at 11 to Noon EST which is perhaps the best part of the day overall, favorable, fortunate, easy going, expansive, positive and fruitful, with Taurus and virgo earth signs indicated optimistically.  The morning stock prices rise, as optimism over business earning reports to come will be revealed. The sol conjunct the rising indicating a new 6 day sol cycle, most positive inclined directions, and new work efforts, job commitments, likely with the Obama job support program being presented as well during the coming days.

      The sol semisextile to Saturn after 1pm is businesslike and controlled, conservative, practical, some reversal and finance declines. Generally this is business as usual.  Before 3PM brings the sol to 19 virgo and square the node, a prominent need to adjust, the capacity to rest from work, or take a siesta is better than forced efforts and quincunx Lilith is also strange and unsettling around mid-afternoon. The Sol also conjuncts Venus as the 3pm hour arrives, again a natural good and earthy implications, following the right thing, being pleasant and well directed.  The Sol will move to trine the moon and then stile mars, by 4pm a motivated energetic and dutiful effort and good feelings, that support what you do or who we love. The earth and water elements of function and good in natural ways.

      The moon opposes mars in the mid-afternoon, as the hottest time of the day, where difficulty in the fire or aggression is not well advised. As sol mercury in the invisible heavens and in the sky races towards opposing Neptune tomorrow, where there is the lack of idealism and insight or weather changes or disruptions is hinted, the danger of water and tides, and the disconnect as well with Mars and Poseidon joined this afternoon around 6pm, expect certain negative reports in the news, some victims and problems presented of the weather or wind, fire, and water both. There are illusions which if not combated, with cause failure or lack of agreement. The sol dais ends with the entrance into the sign of Bhakti (Libra) as we enter the evening around 7pm into the new 12 hour dais.

      The opposition in evening to uranus is exciting with potential interesting television and public activity although some meetings will be rather problematic or critical. The activity of the American got talent show will be strange in some ways, publicly entertaining and unusually good in others.  The female acts in particular, and the ones figuring on unique formats will both go well or be unaccepted. Unpredictability.

      As we walked outside to exercise with the football, we found the passage pleasant with high clouds, beautiful this morning as the sun Jupiter trine favored any activity, and overall good feeling, the clouds formed trails in a group, looking like god-men in the sky watching over us, and our thought to be as tall as the clouds and able to view other cities and stadiums as if they were easily met in a few short steps.  This is the Jovian kind of ideals which we could feel, in an exuberant romp through the fields and road we played on.

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