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Restricted range species

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    Hi all Still in the process of`trying to combine a list of all Red Data Book Species (as well as Near Threatened) as of Threatened birds of the World and the
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      Hi all
      Still in the process of`trying to combine a list of all Red Data Book Species (as well as Near Threatened) as of "Threatened birds of the World" and the species of Endemic Bird Areas (defined as having ranges of 50 000 km2 or less) (Stattersfield et al.). The previous BirdLife Publication is still quite valid, but the latter has got a couple of years and there should be more species added to this concept after recent splits.
      I would appreciate you posting species that should be considered (world-wide).
      In the recently published Birds of Ecuador Ridgely and Greenfield add additionally species having ranges slightly larger than 50.000 km2 but are still major species of certain EBA:s and should maybe best be considered as EBA species. In some cases I believe that the true ranges (considering suitable habitat) may actually be less than the stipulated 50.000km2, compared to the overall range.
      So for Peru the following species do not qualify as restricted range species in Stattersfield et al. but should maybe be considered as such due to actual ocupancy of habitat.
      Could anyone say for instance if the true range of the following is less than 50000 km2.
      Oasis Hummingbird Rhodopis vesper
      Black-necked Flicker Colaptes atricollis
      Peruvian Sheertail Thaumastura cora
      Bronze-tailed Comet Polyonymus caroli
      Purple-collared Woodstar Myrtis fanny
      I will in the final list consider Ridgely& Greenfields addtions to RR species, and should probably also consider the above species for the same reason. Comments?
      The reason why putting this list together is summerised on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Expeditionbirding
      The expedition birding e-group can be subscribed by sending an empty e-mail to
      Does anybody know if there will be an update available in a near future for Endemic Bird Areas of the World?

      Gunnar Engblom, Lima, Peru.
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