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FW: THE LIST: Hate in New Orleans

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    FYI Anthony Moderator My sexual orientation is not a sickness to be healed or a sin to be forgiven. My sexual orientation is a gift from my Creator to be
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      My sexual orientation is not a sickness to be healed or a sin to be forgiven. My sexual orientation is a gift from my Creator to be accepted, celebrated, and lived with integrity.

      "The Bible has 7 admonitions that allude to sexual behaviour and intimate relations between persons of the same gender, however the Bible also has more than 300 admonitions that specifically refer to sexual behaviour and intimate relations between members of opposite genders. Does this mean that God hates heterosexuals?

      NO ... certainly not! It just means that heterosexuals need far more supervision."

      " Coming Out is spiritually cleansing.  Harvey Milk of San Francisco was the first openly gay elected official in the United States in 1978.  Harvey repeatedly said: “Come out, and when you do, you will feel so much better.”  Before he was assassinated in 1979, Harvey predicted that he would be murdered, but he said that he would gladly take a bullet if it would blast open all of the closet doors that trap and imprison gay people.  You will feel better about yourself and you will see yourself and the whole world as a more beautiful place when you come out.

      Coming Out is liberation from a host of unclean spirits.  Homosexuality is not demonic, but homophobia is.  Coming Out is an exorcism of the destructive forces that deceive you into believing evil things and rejecting yourself and your own reality.

      Coming Out is an act of God in your life, whatever your view of God might be.  God is always seen in Christian perspective as Truth.  Remember that Jesus said: “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free;” and added: “I am the truth.”

      “Homosexuality is actually a privileged spiritual path and natural mode of human expression that our Souls have chosen in order to help us discover the true power and magnificence of our Authentic Selves“.



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      In This Issue:                                                               September 4, 2003

        •  1. Evangelical bigotry is alive in New Orleans
      •  2. Boy meets boy meets me
      •  3. Evangelical activists desecrate the Constitution
      •  4. Uzbek anti-gay abuse increases
      •  5. Another one bites the dust
      •  6. DC judge frees alleged murderer of transgender woman
        •  7. Not gay, but annoying as hell


      Definitely not Kansas

      Hi everyone. I'm on a plane returning from New Orleans, where I had a really fascinating weekend. I came to town to attend the annual gay festival called Southern Decadence, and ended up enjoying myself much more than I'd expected.  I'm not one for big loud gay dance parties, and with a name like "Southern Decadence," I wasn't convinced this was the party for me. How wrong I was. Thousands of gay people from all over the country (and world) came together and actually were nice and friendly to each other. If a guy on the street thinks you're cute, he'd actually smile and say hi, or even, God forbid, walk over and introduce himself. Most surprising was that many of those friendly guys are from big cities across America - cities in which they will not say hello to strangers, but in New Orleans they will.  Perhaps we can all try to bring a little of that friendly "decadence" home with us.  JOHN


      1. Evangelical Bigotry is Alive in New Orleans

      Christian conservative love

      A conservative Christian preacher and his flock decided to spread their message of hate at this weekend's gay gathering in New Orleans. The preacher, Rev. Grant Storm, apparently thinks New Orleans should ban the annual gay festival because it's "too decadent." Ironically, when I spoke to straight local residents, they told me the straight "Mardi Gras" was just as wild, if not wilder, than the gay one (and the cops say the gay festival is far more orderly, with fewer arrests, than the straight ones). One straight New Orleanian even gave me a tip as to which bar to go to in order to find, as he put it, "the finest breast-es you'll ever see."


      Who knew they could spell?

      Man Stabbed by Gay-hater
      As for the so-called Christian protesters, you couldn't have asked for a better example of how hateful and bigoted these evangelical fundamentalists truly are. They carried signs suggesting that God intentionally gave gays AIDS, and one of the "Christians" even started grabbing festival-goers by the neck and shoving them - I witnessed that unprovoked attack from about 2 feet away. And what came of all of this? Saturday night saw a young man stabbed in the back on Bourbon street - the alleged attacker told police he wanted to go to Southern Decadence to kill a homosexual. Do I blame conservative Christians for that attack? You betcha. They can't keep telling people that gays want to rape children and cause the end of civilization, and then not expect someone to figure that it's worth taking one gay life in order to save the entire world and its children.

      Here's a link to watch a quick video of these evangelical gay-haters in action on Bourbon street:

      And for those who don't receive my email in html, you can see more pictures here: 


      2. Boy Meets Boy Meets Me

      Boy meets girls

      This past weekend in New Orleans I got to meet and spend some time with Michael "Jason" Tiner (left), one of the contestants from Bravo's reality dating show "Boy Meets Boy." Jason, you may recall, is the US military man who appeared on the show and was thus outed to his bosses in the Pentagon, and subsequently thrown out of the military (actually, Jason notified his commander of his involvement in the show before the episode aired).

      Jason was eliminated early on in the show, and boy was that a mistake. The guy is a total sweetie. In spite of the fact that nearly everyone recognized him and constantly approached him for photos, to say thanks, etc., Jason could not have been any nicer to every single one. (And to boot, he's cute as all get out.) To give you a sense of who Jason really is: I asked him "you must have known they'd kick you out of the military if you appeared on the show as 'gay'?"  He replied, sure he knew, but he wanted to do his part to change the military's anti-gay policy and decided the most effective way was to go public with his message by going on TV, even though that would be the end of his career. 

      This summer of gay reality TV has had an impact. Jason had a good deal of straight female fans recognize him on the street, and I can't tell you how many women approached me and my friends at bars, jazz clubs, and on the street asking "are you here for Southern Decadence?"  And when we answered yes, they instantly became our best friends because they just LOVED gay men. I credit all the gay TV for our new-found stardom. And if you saw the Boy Meets Boy finale last night on Bravo, it was absolutely adorable. Though a tad over the top in the hokey department, the message could not have been better. Bravo took a fair and loving look at gay relationships, and they deserve a major thank you from us all.

      If you don't receive this email as html, you can see Jason talking to a few of his female fans here: 


      3. Evangelical Activists Desecrate the Constitution

      As you may know, militant evangelicals have rallied of late around a judge in Alabama who in defiance of a court order insisted on placing a statue of the Ten Commandments in the entryway to the state courthouse. The judge, like most members of the radical right, thinks the laws of his particular faith overrule the laws of America (and every other faith therein), and thus the judge wants to make darn sure he reminds everyone who comes to his court that they'd better be an evangelical Christian or else.

      Not surprisingly, pretty much all the religious right groups have rallied to this preacher's, oh I mean judge's, defense. In one recent article the religious fanatics suggested that they would stop paying taxes if they couldn't display the Ten Commandments in every courtroom in America. And today Sandy Rios, the leader of the far-right fundamentalist group Concerned Women for America, proposed the following:

      " 'Let’s get the Ten Commandments everywhere. Let's put them in every classroom, every courtroom,' Rios said in a speech in Montgomery, Alabama. 'Let's make the ACLU go nuts with these lawsuits. Let's put them everywhere.' "

      Someone recently suggested that everywhere Rios and her ilk post a copy of the Ten Commandments, an enterprising activist should also post a depiction of the Five Pillars of Islam. Then let's see how long the Concerned Women defend the public display of religion.

      Richard Cohen has an excellent article about the Ten Commandments charade in today's Washington Post here:


      4. More Uzbek Anti-gay Abuses

      Ruslan Sharipov, jailed for being gay

      The Uzbek government's ongoing campaign of hatred against its gay citizens continues. I reported last time about Ruslan Sharipov, a young gay journalist who recently upset his government by writing a few too many honest articles about his country's dictatorial government. As a result, Uzbek dictator Islam Abduganievich Karimov had Ruslan arrested, threatened with torture, and imprisoned for 5 years under the country's sodomy laws. (Uzbekistan just happens to be one of the US' best friends in the "war on terror.") A few days ago, one of Ruslan's chief defenders was kidnapped and severely beaten by four men in black masks.  

      Please help Ruslan. At a time when sodomy laws in America were only outlawed two months ago, Ruslan's battle is our battle, and it would be great if you folks could help him out. All I'm asking is that you contact the folks below and demand that they release Ruslan immediately.

      Message: The government of Uzbekistan should release Ruslan Sharipov immediately, pending an impartial, independent review of the charges against him. I condemn his imprisonment as an effort to suppress free speech in Uzbekistan and as blatant discrimination and persecution based on sexual orientation. Rest assured that I will  be contacting my own democratically-elected officials about Uzbekistan's horrible human rights record.

      More info on Ruslan's case is here: http://www.hrw.org/campaigns/uzbekistan/sharipov.htm 
      And more about Uzbekistan's human rights abuses here: http://hrw.org/europe/uzbekistan.php 

      Please email all of the following on behalf of Ruslan:


      5. Another One Bites the Dust

      Yet another anti-gay fundamentalist is leaving his post at the national headquarters of yet another anti-gay hate group. Peter LaBarbera, who up until yesterday was one of the top anti-gay militants at the religious right group "Concerned Women for America," has announced he's no longer going to be a concerned woman. LaBarbera is reportedly going to take over a far-right activist group in Illinois. Illinoisans should definitely beware of LaBarbera. He's viciously anti-gay (this is a guy who published stories in his anti-gay magazine that blamed gays for the Holocaust (HateWatch.com called the allegations "Holocaust revisionism"). But the good news is that LaBarbera is so radical and so nasty that if you do a little research on him and expose the public to the facts about who he really is and what he's really said, I suspect any reasonable Illinoisan will think he's a kook. I come from Illinois, and it's not a state that tolerates extremists once they're exposed.

      In any case, Peter's departure has got to be a blow to the Concerned Women.  But interestingly, he's hardly the first important staff turnover at a religious right group. In the past few years, most of the anti-gay staff at the Family Research Council left. Then the president of the FRC quit a few months ago. Also recently, Focus on the Family "let go" John Paulk, the "ex-gay" who ended up being a bit more "gay" than "ex."  And now one of the top two anti-gay men at the Concerned Women is leaving. 

      I'm not saying that the anti-gay hate groups are in turmoil, but there does seem to be something fishy going on in bigot-land. Stay tuned.


      6. DC Judge Frees Alleged Murderer of Transgendered Woman

      A man arrested last week for the recent murder of a transgendered person in Washington, DC was subsequently released from custody last Thursday by a DC judge.  According to police sources, DC Superior Court Judge Levie found probable cause that defendant Derrick Antoine Lewis should have been arrested for the murder of Imani (Aaron) Marshall.  But because Lewis didn't have a prior criminal record, the judge released the accused murderer from police custody pending trial.  One has to wonder if the man would have been released had he repeatedly shot someone to death who was not transgender. And our elected officials in DC wonder why we are yet again the nation's per capita murder capital.

      Read more on this story here:
      (And make sure you find the link on the page for "Related Video" to watch the local news broadcast about the man being released.)

      And here


      7. Not Gay, But Annoying as Hell

      Easily one of the biggest scandals of the Bush Administration has basically been swept under the rug in the past two weeks, and I'd like to know why.  According to a new report released by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Inspector General, the Bush Administration systematically lied to New Yorkers about the quality of their air following the September 11 attacks. At the time, there was great concern in New York about what effect the demise of the Twin Towers was having on air quality in the surrounding area. To hear the Bush Administration at the time, everything was a-ok for New Yorkers, when in fact that was not true and the Bushies knew it wasn't true.  

      This is one hell of a scandal, especially considering the ongoing debate about whether Bush lied about why we needed to go to war.  Where are the Dems and the enviros, and why isn't this the hottest scandal of the moment?  Because too many of those leading the left in this country are no better today than they were 3 years ago when they lost the presidency and the Congress.  Just imagine what the Republicans would have done to Clinton had his White House lied to NYers following Sept 11.

      Excerpts from lots of stories on the EPAgate scandal here:

      "The news that White House staff ordered the EPA to minimize potential health dangers near Ground Zero was bad enough. But the details in the 165-page report about how the EPA lied to the public - and even subverted its own safety standards in the process - are chilling... it's now clear that the EPA and the White House risked the safety of thousands of people living and working in lower Manhattan, whose only mistake was looking to the government for reliable, honest information." - NY Daily News

      "Under pressure from the Bush administration, EPA officials downplayed the potential health risks posed by pollutants released in the Twin Towers collapse." - Mother Jones

      "In the report, the EPA inspector general said the agency was persuaded by the White House to omit cautionary language about the possible hazards from air pollutants such as asbestos, cadmium and lead after the World Trade Center towers fell. In addition, the report said the EPA omitted from early public statements guidance for the professional cleaning of indoor spaces, leading some people to return to their homes before they had been properly cleaned." - Washington Post

      "Why was crucial information withheld from the public? The report mentions 'the desire to reopen Wall Street and national security concerns.' Maybe -- though the national security benefits of failing to remove toxic dust escape me." - Tom Friedman, New York Times, 

      "The Bush administration displayed an appalling lack of concern for public safety workers and others when it distorted advisories about the safety of breaking air near ground zero in the aftermath of 9-11." - Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial,


      Ok.  That's it for this week.  Oh, and I'm sorry that the Sirius OUTQ radio interview with Chip & Reichen, the winners of CBS' "Amazing Race" TV reality show, never materialized.  Unfortunately, Chip & Reichen never showed at the radio studio, and Chip has since informed me that CBS dropped the ball with their schedule that day. Thank you to the many of you who emailed and said you'd tuned in for the interview - I am sorry it didn't materialize.  Stay tuned as next week I report to you from Italy!  JOHN


      Please Help THE LIST

      As always, if you want to help support my work on THE LIST, which I do all by my lonesome out of my apartment with no staff, you can use the following link to make a donation online or via postal mail: http://www.hatecrime.org/support.html

      Thanks so much!  JOHN


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