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    4. Religious right wants to weaken anti-terror rules Call this story When Pigs Fly. A Virginia-based religious right group wants the right to fly over Walt
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2003
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       4. Religious right wants to weaken anti-terror rules


      Call this story "When Pigs Fly."  A Virginia-based religious right group wants the right to fly over Walt Disney World's no-fly zone, so they can protest Gay Days at Disney (the annual event where 100,000 gay folks descend on Walt Disney World - how cool is that?!).  The group, the Family Policy Network, wants to have planes fly over the park with banners reading "Jesus Christ: Hope for Homsexuals.com".  The problem?  The resort is a potential terrorist target and the feds have thus designated it a no-fly zone.  So the anti-gays are planning to file a law suit that would temporarily remove the no-fly zone so they could do their thing.

      Which raises a rather sticky question.  Does the religious right really want to be accused of weakening our nation's anti-terrorism protections just because they don't like gays?  Woosh.  I wouldn't want to be in that spot.

      Read the AP story about all of this here:



       5. Interesting religion updates


      A few interesting religion updates:

      - This Saturday, New Hampshire may elect its first gay Episcopal bishop soon, as the one of the leading candidates is a gay man.  The UK's Telegraph has a good summary here:

      - Another Anglican brouhaha in Canada after a bishop there consecrated a gay union (God bless Canada!).  The Third World branch of the church is reportedly none-too-pleased over the more liberal North American branch's tolerant views of gays and lesbians. You can read more here:







      My sexual orientation is not a sickness to be healed or a sin to be forgiven. My sexual orientation is a gift from my Creator to be accepted, celebrated, and lived with integrity.

      "The Bible has 7 admonitions that allude to sexual behaviour and intimate relations between persons of the same gender, however the Bible also has more than 300 admonitions that specifically refer to sexual behaviour and intimate relations between members of opposite genders. Does this mean that God hates heterosexuals?

      NO ... certainly not! It just means that heterosexuals need far more supervision."

      " Coming Out is spiritually cleansing.  Harvey Milk of San Francisco was the first openly gay elected official in the United States in 1978.  Harvey repeatedly said: “Come out, and when you do, you will feel so much better.”  Before he was assassinated in 1979, Harvey predicted that he would be murdered, but he said that he would gladly take a bullet if it would blast open all of the closet doors that trap and imprison gay people.  You will feel better about yourself and you will see yourself and the whole world as a more beautiful place when you come out.

      Coming Out is liberation from a host of unclean spirits.  Homosexuality is not demonic, but homophobia is.  Coming Out is an exorcism of the destructive forces that deceive you into believing evil things and rejecting yourself and your own reality.

      Coming Out is an act of God in your life, whatever your view of God might be.  God is always seen in Christian perspective as Truth.  Remember that Jesus said: “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free;” and added: “I am the truth.”

      “Homosexuality is actually a privileged spiritual path and natural mode of human expression that our Souls have chosen in order to help us discover the true power and magnificence of our Authentic Selves“.



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