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America's Taliban

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    Hi gang Hasn t been ages since a posting. September the 11th and all that. We ve had a few join us lately but no-one has said hi yet. Please feel free. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
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      Hi gang

      Hasn't been ages since a posting. September the 11th and all that. We've had
      a few join us lately but no-one has said hi yet. Please feel free.

      This article just came through and I thought it might be of interest.

      Ok, enough about that. I have to say, in a positive vein,
      that I've really been impressed with President Bush lately,
      as concerns "the gay agenda." Basically, America's Taliban
      (that's the new term we're gonna use for the radical right,
      at least for now :-) is now flipping out because Bush is
      apparently - get this - a homosexual sympathizer.
      Apparently, they're flipped because the president appointed a
      gay ambassador to Romania, and had his partner at his
      swearing in ceremony! (kudos to Bush on that one). I really
      didn't think Bush would do something like that - remember how
      hard it was to get the Hormel nomination considered, and now
      we have Republican president appointed a gay ambassador with
      not a squawk out of Congress? Holy gay agenda, Batman!

      Of course, underlying America's Taliban's concern about this
      is a much larger effort to take advantage of the war for
      their wacky agenda. I'm not kidding about this. While
      groups on the left completely backed off after the terrorist
      attacks - the gay groups, to their credit, refused to launch
      a big campaign over the Falwell/Robertson comments, out of
      concern that it would seem like they were taking advantage of
      the war; Planned Parenthood removed it's ROEvBUSH.com Web
      site temporarily, out of respect to the times; and even
      Barbra Streisand removed her anti-Bush articles from her Web
      site. In contrast, those wacky holy-rollers accused gays of
      not caring about the dead in NY and DC, and taking advantage
      of their deaths, because Congress decided to finally pass the
      DC appropriations bill WITHOUT language banning DC from
      implementing its already-on-the-books domestic partner
      legislation. Yes, Congress decides NOT to take a swipe at
      gay people, and somehow that's gay people taking advantage of
      the war. Uh huh.

      Another group of wingnuts (I'm not using their names, because
      as these groups are now historically irrelevant, they don't
      deserve the publicity) published a criticism of Planned
      Parenthood and pro-choicers, and started the attack by saying
      that 6,000 dead in NY and DC wasn't enough for Planned
      Parenthood! Imagine the gall. The list goes on.

      My point is that while most of us have put aside our partisan
      battles in the interests of the country, our own home-grown
      Taliban has been organizing like gangbusters, and really
      putting out some scary shit. Not that I'm surprised, I mean,
      we all know these guys are wack-jobs and bigots, but it's
      still sad to see them reach yet another low in their efforts
      to transform America into their own little theocratic

      "There is the illusion that homosexuals only have sex and heterosexuals fall
      in love.. Boy George"
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