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FW: reply to Salem

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    Hi Salem Sorry I haven t responded earlier but 12-hour days have meant I haven t had the time energy or clarity of mind to respond to recent posts. I think it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2001
      Hi Salem

      Sorry I haven't responded earlier but 12-hour days have meant I haven't had
      the time energy or clarity of mind to respond to recent posts. I think it
      would be the best if I responded to what you posted interspersed with your
      comments. Hope this works.

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      Subject: Dear Anthony

      Dear Anthony,

      I am SO SORRY I "rebuked" you publicly like that! I don't know why
      it didn't acure to me to write you privately and discuss this, but it
      didn't at the time. I'm sorry this may have been embarrasing for you
      and I humbly and deeply appologize to you!

      You don't have to apologise. This is what an egroup is for isn't it? That
      is, so that you can post your true thoughts and then have a broader audience
      respond to them. I wasn't upset.

      I don't think my letter writing reflected the spirit of what I felt.
      None of it was being said in anger. All of it was being "spoken" in
      a humble, gentle voice...with love and respect. You have always been
      good to me, gentle and kind...encouraging and sweet. I'm sorry I
      didn't reflect more of that sweetness in my own letter! (I felt it,
      but I'm not as good a writer as you are! :-)

      Thanks for the compliment. Hope it works in my book.

      I guess brother Anthony I just find myself dissagreeing more and more
      with you on what I would term "New Age" views of spirituality. For
      me, I want to come to Christ with the same intensity as an exex-gay
      that I did as an ex-gay. I think that's only logical, since the
      truth shall set us free (the truth being that God is not down on gays
      like we once thought.)

      That is what has set me free. The truth. It might not be your truth but I
      live in integrity with the truth as it has been revealed to me and that is
      what I will have to answer for. I dare not be so arrogant as to tell you
      what the truth is. You must find that for yourself.

      Also, I see no reason to abandon time-honored
      truths, or to compromise them. I truely believe we could see a
      revival of evangelical ferver for Christ amoung the gay community,
      but only if we remain true to the original call.

      It's interesting that you call me brother Anthony. That type of language
      belongs........... Well I'm not really sure.

      I know I used to use it when I was intensely "religious". I know that word
      "Religious" has different meanings for different people. For me that word
      has very negative connotations, in fact I used to preach against religion as
      being a counterfeit for genuine Christianity.

      "New age" now there's another interesting term. I used to preach against
      it. In fact I was the only preacher in Australia who preached against it.
      My tape series exposing the New Age were best sellers around Aussie and New
      Zealand. After all my research and preaching I realised that this was just
      another opportunity for "believers" to condemn another group. If it's not
      Catholics, it will be new agers, if it's not new agers it gays. That what's
      religion is all about. Separating themselves from the people they are meant
      to reach. Thus making them feel superior, elitist and "holy". In truth we
      are no better. We are all the same. Sinners saved by grace, if that is
      what you believe. That elitist mentality is a sickening mindset that takes
      a lot of soul searching to purge.

      I'm not sure if you have experienced that yet Salem. I know many in this
      group have. It is reflected in their posts. They are non judgemental and
      allowing. Reminds me of Jesus. Condemnation reminds me of Pharisaism.

      As Erny mentioned this group never claimed to be a Christian group
      exclusively. It's much broader. You are welcome. If you don't feel
      comfortable you don't have to stay and I'm sure we will think none the less
      of you if you leave. In fact I will respect you for living in integrity of
      your truth.

      Please don't read this as rejection. I would love you to stay. Iron
      sharpens iron.

      Of course, this is my opinion. I shouldn't have shoved it down your
      throat publicly, especially after you have been such a brother and
      friend to me! (I have tears in my eye's as I write this.) I'm sorry
      brother. Please forgive my thoughtlessness.

      I feel I need to say I forgive you for your sake but I honestly don't feel I
      have been wronged in any way. You are entitled to your opinion and I'm glad
      you expressed it.

      You're a good man, Anthony.

      And so are you. I think we all are, just some have not discovered it yet.

      Please know I'm there if you ever want
      to talk, and I hope I can do the same with you. God bless you.


      And you too Salem

      "There is the illusion that homosexuals only have sex and heterosexuals fall
      in love. Boy George"
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