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RE: [Exex-gay] Ex-gay stories

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    Hey Jan…..sorry about your messages not getting through……we have to moderate every new member as we get people posting spam etc. All sorted now so your
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 6, 2011

      Hey Jan…..sorry about your messages not getting through……we have to moderate every new member as we get people posting spam etc.


      All sorted now so your messages get through immediately.


      I think it is a great area of research………we have someone doing a similar work here in Australia.


      BTW…..do you know about Freedom 2 b[e] ….we have a research section there. http://www.freedom2b.org/55 and also a section of ex-gay http://www.freedom2b.org/44


      Sorry if my initial response seemed a bit negative  or discouraging……this wasn’t my intention……..just sharing my personal experience working with people in the area for the last 10 years.


      If you are interested you can read the chapter of my autobiography relating to my 6 months in a live in ex-gay program here. http://gayambassador1.blogspot.com/p/ch7-my-ex-gay-experience.html


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      Hi Drew,


      Thanks for your thoughts!


      I totally respect that if people want to tell their own stories, they should.  I think that is wonderful.  I have read many works written in the autobiographical format on this topic and thought they were great.  I am simply offering an opportunity for someone to be a part of a composite work if they so choose.

      As to your second point, a lot of people find it therapeutic to talk through past issues, others do not.  Again, I am only offering an opportunity.


      Regarding survey research, I done this type of work on other topics in the past but I always felt like a lot of the meaning was lost - I find myself wondering more and not having an opportunity to clarify. 


      I feel that this topic is something that society needs to be thinking about and I am only trying to contribute to that process.


      I respect your opinions and wish you all the best in the future! 




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      Subject: [Exex-gay] Ex-gay stories


      Why we don't share:
      1) Maybe some of us want to retain the right (and/or copyright if we are working on a book, play, etc) to tell our own stories.
      2) Maybe others are still afraid to "go there" because of what they might find. Unresolved conflict issues, etc. (I used to not want to revisit the issue for that reason.)

      I will usually participate in "research" of the survey kind, multiple choice questions etc, but not of the "essay" kind.

      But that's just me...





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