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RE: [Exex-gay] 'Feel Good' Story from country Queensland.

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous story...thanks for posting Kenni Anthony Venn-Brown An Ambassador for the LGBT Community Author of
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      Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous story…….thanks for posting Kenni


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      For those who do not live in Australia, I'll briefly background this story.

      The Australian state of Queensland has the reputation of being the most homophobic area in Australia. So the country town of Toowoomba probably does have some homophobes, but since my experience is that the worst homophobes are deeply repressed gay men, it may be that there are many more gay men in these places that seems obvious.

      Toowoomba has a population of 90,000 and claims to be Australia's largest country town.

      So that's the setting for this nice story about two gay men and their relationship. A story that typifies changing attitudes to LGBT people and their relationships in Australia. All polling clearly indicates that a majority of Australians now support the concept of access for gay and lesbian people to either gay marriage or gay unions. (Personally, I will not accept less than gay marriage now)

      Only the trenchant and vociferous squealing of rabid Christians, who are probably suppressed homosexuals,likely prevents the governments of Australia making gay marriage legal.

      Anyways here's this great story that engaged the interest of Toowoombians:

      Web reference:

      `Marry me' mystery solved.

      Author: Andrew M Potts
      Posted: Wednesday, 29 September 2010

      A gay couple has captured the hearts of a Queensland city after they were revealed as the authors of a mysterious marriage proposal.
      On September 7, a Toowoomba local looked out his window to see the words `Marry Me' drawn in eight-foot high pink letters on the side of Table Top Mountain.
      Married already, he contacted Toowoomba's The Chronicle newspaper which started a search for the mystery romantics, with a local bridal store offering them a free wedding dress.
      The following week a local gay man contacted the paper, explaining he'd made the sign using rocks coloured with red chalk to propose to his same-sex partner of three years on a bushwalk.
      He told the paper he'd planned the sign so it would come into view when they got to the top of a nearby hill as a surprise for his partner.
      Same-sex couples in Queensland can neither marry or access a relationship registration scheme, but the proposal was accepted and the couple is now planning a commitment ceremony with friends and family.
      Chronicle journalist Anthea Gleeson told Sydney Star Observer the story had captured locals' imaginations despite the area's reputation as being perhaps not the most friendly place in the world for gay people.
      "We were really surprised when we found out it was two men involved. The people who own the wedding store were a bit surprised too," Gleeson said.
      "We put an online poll on the story, asking readers to vote on whether same-sex marriages should be legalised, and 70 percent of people said yes."
      The couple chose to remain anonymous, but they're not on the run from the National Parks and Wildlife Service.
      "The chalk was non-toxic and washed away with the recent rains," Gleeson explained.
      They also refused the free wedding dress, explaining they weren't the dress-wearing kind.
      Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Alex Greenwich said the story showed marriage equality wasn't just an issue in the nation's capitals.
      "This is an important reminder that this issue goes beyond our capital cities — same-sex couples and their communities around the country want marriage equality," Greenwich said.
      "Why can't [Prime Minister] Julia Gillard and [Opposition leader] Tony Abbott understand that this loving Toowoomba couple should be treated equally with straight couples?"
      Rod Goodbun from lobby group Action Reform Change Queensland said the couple might be waiting a while for legal recognition in the state.
      "In terms of a Queensland state-based scheme, while there is a commitment to work on one, we haven't seen any action," Goodbun said.
      "As recently as last year the Queensland Attorney-General told us he's working with other state and territory Attorneys-General through the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General, which has on its agenda the creation of nationally consistent relationship recognition schemes.
      "That was proposed when the federal Government said it wouldn't introduce a Commonwealth scheme, but would work with the states and territories for nationally consistent laws. But to date we've not seen any real action from that Standing Committee of Attorneys-General."

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