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Next Freedom 2 B(e) Get Together - Understanding your spiritual journey? this Friday 4 August

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown Personal Coach
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
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      Freedom 2 B(e) Support - Information - Dialogue. Networking GLBTIQ People from Pentecostal/Charismatic Backgrounds. Feel free to forward on.


      Next Freedom 2 B(e) Get Together

      Friday 4 Aug 7.30 pm pls RSVP if you plan to come


      Table of contents

      -- Understand your spiritual journey? Friday 4 August

      -- New Yahoo Group OzMarriedGays

      -- Did you join our Freedom 2 b(e) online community yet?


      -- Freedom 2 b(e) Guidelines:

      There is a buzz already.
      Dont miss this one.
      All welcome.

      Understand your spiritual journey? Friday 4 August


      Iain is on his way out. This friday night he will be sharing about James Fowler's Stages of Faith which has been helpful to him in his current journey of reconciling his Christian faith and his sexuality, plus, plus, plus

      James Fowler , Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist, a United Methodist layperson, and Director of the Center for Faith Development at Emory University . He is the premiere pioneer of the study of Faith development, and his book Stages of Faith (Harper & Row, 1981) is a ground-breaking classic.

      read more here

      A suggestion: Do a drawing/timeline/mindmap of your PERSONAL journey of faith/spirituality. BRING IT WITH YOU IF YOU LIKE. See how it matches up. I’ve discovered forests, dark places, , a swamp, quick sand,gardens, deserts and open expansive places on mine. Oh and there is a lightening bolt as well. In other words. If you had to describe your spiritual journey visually how would you do it? Bring it with you if you like.

      When: Friday 4 August 7.15 for 7.30 start & over by 8.30 pm.
      Where: ACON Building
      Second Floor Meeting Room
      9 Commonwealth Street ,
      Surry Hills NSW 2010

      Dinner at Betty ’s Soup Kitchen afterwards if you want to join us.

      New Yahoo Group OzMarriedGays


      One of our new members Mal has commenced a much needed yahoo group for people in Australia who are married and not out. Out but still married. Out and left the marriage. If you relate to any of this then read more and join.

      More info here. Pass it onto anyone you know in this situation

      Did you join our Freedom 2 b(e) online community yet?


      We need to know if this is working okay and to make sure its user friendly. A couple of people said they had difficulty joining. Please do so and let us know if you have any difficulties. If so email Phill phill.wall@...

      go here to join



      YES. Read all about us. They say nice things i believe and there may even be a photo. First time in the gay press.


      Freedom 2 b(e) Guidelines:


      1. FREEDOM 2 B(e) is a safe place. That means you are welcome and we will do all we can to respect your rights which, if you choose, include your anonymity. Our website, online forum and meetings are free of a sexual agenda.
      2. FREEDOM 2 B(e) is non judgmental. We make no judgment about the way you live your life or express your sexual orientation. You are responsible to live your life in ways that demonstrate respect to yourself and others.
      3. FREEDOM 2 B(e) has no agenda. It is not our intention to get people to leave churches or go back to them or tell them what they should believe. That is your decision and journey. Our only intention is to provide a space for people to grow and resolve any issues they may have about their sexuality and/or their beliefs. Once again the choices are yours.
      4. FREEDOM 2 B(e) is a place of integrity. To maintain a powerful voice that has credibility we seek to maintain a high standard of integrity in all we do and say. FREEDOM 2 B(e) leaders follow guidelines that ensure our integrity is evident.

      Read on

      Quick Links...


      ·  Our Website

      ·  Join our online community

      ·  "A Life of Unlearning -Coming Out of the Church - One Man's Struggle"

      ·  EX-ex gay Yahoo Group

      Contact Information


      phone: 0416 015 231





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