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FW: [Whosoevermagazine] Re: Another fight with the right wing!

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  • Steve Hopesharer
    As posted to Whosoever in response to Erny: Erny: All I can say to your opinionated sharing is: AMEN! Subsequent to my last post I went home for lunch and
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      As posted to Whosoever in response to Erny:


      All I can say to your "opinionated sharing" is: AMEN!

      Subsequent to my last post I went home for lunch and turned on the
      TV. There was John Hagee spewing his feces infected rhetoric saying:
      "I've got news for you, those who steel are going straight to
      They may be able to talk their way out of their crime with a judge,
      but one of these days they are going to face the real Judge and He
      isn't going to buy their line and He is going to SEND THEM STRAIGHT
      TO HELL!" At least he was leaving the homosexuals alone for a
      moment, but had I been able to stomach him a bit longer I know I
      would have heard the same thing about them, too. He has to work
      something in against homosexuals in almost every message I hear him

      I couldn't believe a man who, out of one side of his mouth, talks
      about a God of love and grace turns right around and says that same
      God is going to send a thief (who believes in God) to Hell.

      I couldn't help but think of the guy next to Jesus on the cross ...
      you know the thief ... the one Jesus turned to and said "this day you
      will be in paradise with me." Apparently, if you followed logic of
      Hagee, both Jesus and the thief went to paradise, the place called
      Hell where they remain, if you believe what Hagee teaches.

      Surely, people are not that ignorant. There has to be another reason
      why people like Hagee and others have such a large following or else
      home schooling needs to be outlawed.

      By the way Erny, It burns my buns that all these TAX EXEMPT churches
      get away with spreading their political agenda so blatantly as to put
      a notice in the church bulleting telling the congregation who to vote
      for. They need to be sued and loose their tax exempt status.
      Perhaps that is their Achilles Heel that needs to be hit harder than
      is currently being done. It will certainly hit their empires
      bulging pocket books as well.

      Guess who I am voting for this time, too, and I am encouraging others
      to do likewise because I have had enough of the religious right's
      influence upon the Republican Party.

      I, too, am amazed there hasn't already been a revolution over the
      things are going in this country under the influence of the right
      (wrong) wing.

      Oh, by the way Candace, I guess I can get a bit sarcastic myself at
      times. Have I picked something up from this list? Shame on me. LOL

      Besides the GLBT community there are a lot of others out there being
      hurt by the pride, greed for power and wealth of the Religious Right
      and the Right Wing politics. It is past time to stand up and speak
      out. Our votes still count come election time, but if we don't they
      (our votes) won't (count)!

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