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Nov. 8th save the date for Lelooska cultural ride

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  • Aaron
    Hey folks; Save the date of November 8th for the Lelooska Foundation cultural exchange trip. Last year s trip was a huge success and we learned a great deal
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29 7:34 PM
      Hey folks;
      Save the date of November 8th for the Lelooska Foundation cultural
      exchange trip.
      Last year's trip was a huge success and we learned a great deal about
      the Native American Culture of the Pacific Northwest.

      Steven Kung is planning to lead this bicycle trip on Nov. 8-9, 2008 to the Lelooska Foundation- A Native American Organization- http://www.lelooska.org/, to watch a program which is described as follows on their website (from the main page click on "current activities" and then "evening programs") :-
      > "The Lelooska Family brings to life the masks, stories, songs and dances of the Sewide lineage of the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) in the glimmering firelight of their cedar ceremonial house. Approximately two hours in length, Fall Evening Programs begin at 7:00pm."
      > The foundation is located at:-
      > 165 Merwin Village Rd, Ariel, WA 98603
      > This place is around 40 miles away from Portland. It is thus a convenient distance that can be covered in a single day.
      We are planning on an overnight camping trip to the foundation to see their next program on Nov. 8th in evening at 7pm. We would leave downtown Portland on Sat, Nov 8), and reach there by mid-afternoon. We will watch the program, camp overnight in the vicinity, and will return to Portland on Nov 9 before nightfall. We would also get to see the scenic Lake Merwin nearby.
      > Since it is late October, it is possible that it may be cold and that it may rain- so riders should have raingear and a water-proof tent for the trip. I would prefer if you have had prior experience of camping- since this is a self supported bicycle trip where we will be carrying everything on our bikes.
      > Admission is $10 per person for the performance, and so please let me know by 5pm (Pacific Time) Thu, Nov 6, if you are interested in coming for the trip. I can then mail the deposit to the foundation to ensure that we have a ticket to watch the performance.
      > We will also be sharing the cost of food for two days (there's an optional potluck dinner at the foundation), and any other incidental expenses we may make on on the trip. Also note that the riders will have to sign a Liability Release Agreement, before going on the trip- as I do not want to be liable for anyone's injuries during the trip. Once, I have the list of participants, I will send a more detailed list of things that would be needed for the trip- food/clothing/route, etc.
      > All the descriptions I have heard from previous attendees have been fantastic, and I am dying to go to watch this performance.
      > All in all, a perfect way to kick the idiot box and the automobile at the same time!

      Please RSVP to info[@]exchangecycletours[.]org so that we know how many
      folks will be joining in on this trip.


      /"No single snowflake claims responsibility for the avalanche."/
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