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ECT Slow and Easy "Asa Lovejoy" Ride

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  • Severt Lawyer
    ECT Slow & Easy Asa Lovejoy Ride Sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club. We leave no riders behind. Asa Lovejoy was the loser of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2008
      ECT Slow & Easy "Asa Lovejoy" Ride
      Sponsored by the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club.  We leave no riders behind.
      Asa Lovejoy was the "loser" of the infamous coin toss of 1845 that decided that our city was to be named Portland rather than Boston.  Come along on this slow and easy ride that will visit Lovejoy Fountain Park named in Lovejoy's honor, cruise the street named for him, and visit Asa at his final resting place in Lone Fir Cemetery.  Any Portland historians that can add color commentary about Asa Lovejoy will be given an opportunity to share their knowledge on this ride!
      This ride is ideal for anybody looking for a ride set at more relaxed pace and will be routed using streets with bike lanes, bike paths,and/or minimal automotive traffic.  We leave nobody behind!
      When:  Saturday, Sep 20, 2008
      Time:  Assemble 11:00 am, Depart 11:10 am
      Start Point:  Madison Plaza (underneath east side of Hawthorne Bridge)
      End Point:  Madison Plaza (underneath east side of Hawthorne Bridge)
      Distance:  10 miles
      Pace:  Easy - pace set at speed of slowest rider
      Expected Duration:  2 hours
      Forecast:  68 degrees with a 70% chance it won't rain
      Ride Leader and contact information: Severt Lawyer, wsevert(at)gmail(dot)com, 503-234-7778
      ECT is a non-profit organization promoting peace and cultural exchange through bicycle touring and bike school operation. We are registered with the State of Oregon and we are applying for our 501(c)3 status with IRS. Upon receipt of our non-profit status, your donations will be tax deductible with a retroactive effective date of 3/29/2007 - our incorporation date. Your participation, volunteering, and donations are much appreciated. Our website: www.ExchangeCycleTours.org  Also on YahooGroups: ExchangeCycleTours
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