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Re: One Last Reminder - ODOT TE

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  • Aaron
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2008
      Dunham, Katie wrote:
      > Just one last reminder – if you (and everyone you know) has not
      > completed the ODOT Transportation Enhancement Program Survey to
      > support local project applicants – please do so. *Monday, September
      > 15, 2008 is the last day to complete the survey* and make public
      > comment for this program. Additional information is attached to this
      > email. If you have already voiced your support for the Springwater
      > Corridor in Clackamas County, *THANK YOU!!*
      > *Please voice your support for the Springwater Corridor in Clackamas
      > County!*
      > * *
      > Clackamas County is requesting $1,200,000 for the Springwater Corridor
      > Improvement Project through the 2011-2013 Oregon Department of
      > Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Enhancement Program (TE). The
      > Project will pave 2.21 miles of the Springwater Corridor from Rugg
      > Road in Clackamas County to Dee Street in Boring, with a 10 to 12 foot
      > wide multi-use pathway with soft shoulders for use by pedestrians,
      > bicyclists and equestrians.
      > *ODOT is seeking public comments on projects being considered for
      > Transportation Enhancement (TE) funding. The comment period will be
      > open from August 1 through September 15, 2008*. Responses received
      > during that period will help ODOT determine which projects advance to
      > the TE Advisory Committee for final evaluation and selection, and will
      > affect the committee’s scoring of those projects. All comments should
      > be submitted through the internet survey site set that has been set up
      > for this purpose. This survey site will serve as the method of gauging
      > public support and concerns for TE projects competing in the 2008
      > funding cycle. Agencies, interest groups, and the general public may
      > respond to support or oppose a specific project, or to indicate
      > priorities among competing projects in various areas of the state.
      > Participants will select a geographic area of the state (The
      > Springwater Corridor project is listed under Clackamas, Hood River, &
      > Columbia Counties), then indicate which project or projects they most
      > strongly support or oppose. They can mark their main reasons for
      > supporting or opposing a project, and enter additional comments below
      > that. If they have interest in another area of the state, they can
      > repeat the process for another geographic area. **
      > Please go to our project website to connect to the survey at
      > *http://www.boringstation.com/*, or ODOT’s Local Government Section
      > web site at *http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/LGS*. Those without access
      > to the internet may contact the Transportation Enhancement Program
      > Manager at (503) 986-3528 for a printed copy of the Comment/Response form.
      > *Please vote that you strongly support project # 12 - Clackamas
      > County: Springwater Trail Extension (Rugg Road – Hwy 212 at Boring). *
      > Below are some ideas for comments:
      > · The Clackamas County Springwater Trail Extension project meets goal
      > number 1 and goal number 8 of the TE activities by preserving an
      > abandoned railway corridor as a multi-use trail for pedestrians and
      > bicyclists.
      > · The construction of the Clackamas County Springwater Trail Extension
      > project is identified in the Clackamas County Park’s Master Plan but
      > is only partially funded. Without funding by the TE Program, the
      > project cannot be completed in a timely manner and cannot take
      > advantage of current momentum and local support.
      > · The Project will benefit Highway 212 by improving pedestrian and
      > bicycle facilities close to the Highway.
      > *· *The Clackamas County Springwater Trail Extension project promotes
      > and encourages the use of trails for transportation and recreation by
      > bicyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians. Currently, trail users turn
      > around, or travel on a dangerous route along Telford Rd. to reach Boring.
      > · The Clackamas County Springwater Trail Extension Project will open
      > up the trail to more users and enhance the travelers’ experience along
      > the trail. Currently, the trail is gravel and inaccessible to many
      > people traveling the Springwater Trail from Gresham and Portland,
      > including those on street bikes, in wheelchairs and strollers and some
      > walkers.
      > · Paving this trail section of the Springwater Corridor will provide
      > the missing link between the Springwater and Cazadero Trails. Metro
      > has identified the Cazadero Trail, owned by the State of Oregon, as
      > one of the Great Eight Trail Packages for our region. Oregon State
      > Parks and Recreation is currently working on completion of the
      > Cazadero Trail. Without the completion of this project, there will be
      > a gap in the Springwater Trail which directly connects to the Cazadero
      > Trail, south of Hwy. 212 in Boring.
      > Please forward this email to your friends, family, and co-workers!!
      > Please contact me if you have any questions.
      > Thank you for your support!!
      > *_Katie Dunham_*
      > Planner
      > NCPRD/Clackamas County Parks
      > 9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd.
      > Clackamas, OR 97015
      > 503-794-8051
      > 503-794-8005 (fax)
      > kdunham@...
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