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Clackamas Camping TOMORROW - Updated

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  • Matt Picio
    Clackamas Camping Update Matt and Tomas took a trip up the Clackamas via car yesterday to scout potential campsites in the target area this weekend, and found
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2008
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      Clackamas Camping Update

      Matt and Tomas took a trip up the Clackamas via car yesterday to
      scout potential campsites in the target area this weekend, and found
      a good site that should be able to handle any size group. The
      following information has been updated to reflect that specific

      ECT Clackamas Camping Trip

      Dates: Friday, July 4th through Sunday, July 6th
      Departure Time: 9am July 4th, from Cleveland Ave. MAX station
      Arrival back in Gresham: late evening Sunday
      One-Way Mileage: 61.3 miles (Team Hardcore will ride 74.5 miles)
      Campsite Elevation: 2,300'
      Weather Forecast: Party-Mostly Sunny, highs of 69-74, lows of 50-53.
      Slight chance of showers. http://tinyurl.com/5h73gz
      NOTE: There is a 50% chance of showers on the way out on Friday,
      mostly before 11am. It should not affect us, but it could.
      Fire Risk: Class I (LOW / GREEN) - campfires are permitted.

      Map: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Clackamas-Camping-Out-to-
      Cue Sheet: http://www.bikely.com/cuesheet/route/Clackamas-Camping-Out-

      The last 1/4 mile to the campsite area is a gravel road - bikes with
      narrow road tires can be walked up that segment. The campsite is a
      few hundred yards in along a decommissioned forest service road, that
      section is equivalent to a poorly maintained park field - everyone
      will likely have to walk the bikes through that section.

      NOTE: To get to Cleveland Ave. before 9am, you must board MAX by
      8:32am if coming from Gateway, 8:06am if coming from Pioneer Square,
      and 7:43am if coming from Beaverton TC.
      If you are riding out from Hillsboro and taking MAX, you need to
      board by 7:15am and I will buy you coffee and a donut. (Proof of
      time/place required)

      Those of you who truly want to ride all day can join us at Voodoo Too
      at 1501 NE Davis St. at 7am. We will have coffee and a donut and
      head on our way at 7:15am out to Gresham on the following route:


      We also have emergency SAG available, but it won't be rapid response
      due to issues regarding cellphone coverage.

      Trip Notes:
      1. After Estacada, there will be NO cellphone service.
      2. There is no water AT the campsite. There is water within 1/4 mile
      of the campsite, but it must be purified. There closest potable
      water is 13.5 miles away at Riverside campground.
      3. There will be LOTS of road traffic compared to normal - this is
      one of the 3 busiest weekends of the year for camping. All USFS
      campgrounds and many other sites will be completely FULL. Our site
      is off the main road and has plenty of room - due to the distance
      from town and the remoteness from the main roads, it is unlikely we
      will have company.
      4. There are no toilet facilities. Bring a small plastic or folding
      camp shovel with which to do your duty. Bring your own toilet paper,
      and a ziploc bag to put it in afterwards to pack it out.
      5. Bring bike tubes, tire levers, a patch kit, and a frame pump.
      6. We recommend 2-4L of water per person. The last water stop is
      13.5 miles before our campsite, any water after that must be treated
      or boiled to be safe to drink.
      7. Bring rope and a stuff sack or bear bag - we're going to be far
      enough from the developed campgrounds that we'll need to hang our
      food from a tree away from our campsite to discourage small
      animal "visitors". Also, while black bears are uncommon in the
      Clackamas, they *are* there - bark (a local forest advocacy group)
      saw one near the Big Bottom area last month while hiking the route of
      a proposed LNG pipeline. http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-
      8. Bring a book, game, or something to do. If you're going to hike,
      bring a compass and if you can, a map of the Clackamas Ranger
      District. A GPS is a good item also, if you have one.
      9. If you bring alcohol, pack out your empties.
      10. Check your email tonight at 8pm for detailed trip info if you
      want it.

      This is a facilitated ride, camp and/or hike. The organizing group,
      the Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club and Bike School, and the
      trip leader, Matthew P. Picio, have taken reasonable means to ensure
      safe participation on this trip. They are not infallible, however,
      and cannot control the actions of individuals. ECT and Matt Picio
      take no responsibility for potential injuries or damages that may be
      caused on this trip, especially those injuries or damages caused
      through the negligence or misbehavior of trip participants.
      Participants agree to hold ECT and Matt Picio harmless in the event
      of any problems, delays, accidents or mishaps. Participating in the
      ride constitutes acceptance of these terms.

      Thanks! Hope to see some of you out there! Following is ECT's club
      guidelines and the minimum and recommended gear lists.

      Minimum Gear List

      Tent/Hammock/Tarp to sleep under
      Sleeping Bag or blankets
      Riding clothes
      Comfortable shoes
      Bike lights
      Additional light for in-camp
      2L or more of water storage
      Food for 2 days
      Spare batteries for lights
      First Aid Kit
      Emergency Blanket (Mylar)
      Waterproof Matches
      Patch Kit
      2 Spare Tubes
      Tire Levers
      Hex Wrenches/Multitool
      Plastic or folding shovel
      Toilet paper
      Frame pump
      Some reliable means of telling time

      Recommended Additional Gear

      USFS Map - Clackamas Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest
      Camp stove and fuel
      A Book/Game/Something to Do
      FRS Radio
      Zip Ties
      Duct Tape
      Bungie Cords

      Our Club Ride General Guidelines/Info:

      Ride Leader and contact information:

      Matthew Picio - ECT Volunteer
      matt [dot] picio [ at] gmail [dot ] com

      Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club and Bike School
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