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Event Submittal Procedures

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  • Matt Picio
    I send this out via Outlook on 11-30, but apparently Outlook choked or something and no one got it. Severt, Brad, Aaron, Steven - please reply that you got
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2007
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      I send this out via Outlook on 11-30, but apparently Outlook choked or
      something and no one got it. Severt, Brad, Aaron, Steven - please
      that you got this (if 4 of you did, then I'm sure everyone did)

      Ok, the legalese is below, but here's the abridged version:

      1. If you want to run an ECT event/ride, submit it to
      2. We'll review it, and get permission from ECT's board, and help you
      it if you need assistance
      3. If it fits in with ECT's mission statement, we'll approve it and
      draft an
      announcement for the list/calendar/website
      4. Approved events need one of the submitters as a contact person.
      5. The ride/event is announced on the list/website. Anyone can then
      that announcement to any other venue they wish, so long as they post
      whole announcement intact.

      We are in the process of testing an event calendar that will allow
      submissions - if you'd like to be part of the testing process, email
      me at
      execdir@... and I'll sign you up!


      The "legalese" description":

      Events Committee (Team Events)

      The Events Committee shall be comprised of three to five individuals,
      one of
      which must be the Executive Director.


      1. All ECT event proposals must be submitted to the Team Events (TE)
      committee, via the email address "events@...".

      2. One or more TE members work with event submitter(s) or ride planner
      (s) on
      details, feasibility, scheduling, location, cost, resources, etc.

      3. A draft event post is reviewed by Team Events. TE examines the
      post to determine if Board approval is required. If Board approval is
      required, a preliminary vote to approve the event is taken, and if a
      majority of the committee members approve the event, then TE requests
      approval by the Board.

      4. If no Board approval is required, or once the Board has indicated
      approval, TE votes by simple majority to approve or deny the event.
      If the
      event is denied, TE notifies the submitter(s) as to the decision, and
      denied, the reason for denial.

      5. TE assigns ONE official event contact person (CP) for EACH event.
      can be any volunteer: Ride Planner, Event Submitter, TE member, etc.

      6. No event may be posted to the calendar or the ECT mailing list
      unless it
      has been approved by Team Events. Only TE members or official event
      person may post the event on ECT website and ECT YahooGroup. These
      are the
      official event post locations. Once an event has been posted on one
      of the
      official locations, anyone may forward or copy that post to other
      mailing lists or other resources (and are encouraged to do so)
      provided they
      reproduce the event posting in its entirety.

      8. The official event contact person processes all RSVPs and
      questions for
      the event. The posting will specify this. The CP will route any
      questions to
      TE members or the Executive Director as required.

      9. Only the official event contact person or TE members may
      the official event posting on ECT Website or ECT YahooGroup.

      10. The goal of this process is to minimize
      mistakes/miscommunication. In
      reality imperfections always exist. Patience and teamwork from all
      solve each problem as arises.

      -matt picio
      executive director
      Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club and Bike School
      (Exchange Cycle Tours)
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