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FW: ECT bike move reminder

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  • Steven Kung
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2007
      Bike School Move Info.....

      >From: Aaron <aaron@...>
      >Subject: ECT bike move reminder
      >Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 22:46:57 -0800
      >Just as a reminder;
      >SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY -* February 25th - high noon (12:00)*
      >Exchange Cycle Tours will be moving lots of bicycles, tools, and equipment
      >to a storage location near Holgate. We need plenty of bikers with trailers
      >and plenty of people to ride some of our bikes to the storage location
      >(return transportation provided). We will also need TWO corkers for
      >Holgate. Lunch will be provided for participants after the move.
      >*The starting point will be 25th and Division at the ECT headquarters.*
      >Please email me with any diet restrictions you have. There will be plenty
      >of veggie-friendly stuff, and I am making some Brian-friendly soup, so I
      >would like to know how many people will want that option.
      >Thanks so much advance for your help.
      >Aaron Tarfman
      >Transportation Diplomat
      >"It's amazing to me that people can save $7000 a year by making a /single/
      >lifestyle change."

      The average US Credit Score is 675. The cost to see yours: $0 by Experian.
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