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Event Flyer: Our Bike Clinics in Portland

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  • Steven Kung
    COMMUNITY SPIN TRAINING & CYCLE REPAIR CLINIC The Village Ballroom - 700 NE Dekum, Portland, Oregon Starting: Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 2006 Time:
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      The Village Ballroom - 700 NE Dekum, Portland, Oregon

      Starting: Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 2006

      Time: 5:30pm to 8:00pm

      Continuing: Every Monday & Thursday 5:30 - 8:00pm


      5:30pm to 6:45pm

      -Live Instructions & Hands-on Practice Sessions

      -Troubleshoot & Fix Your Own Bike with Professional Assistance

      -Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Bicycle Repair Procedures: All Level
      Students Welcome

      -Advanced Students Certified to Become Instructors

      Continuing Course Work Includes:

      -Practical Road-Side Repair Techniques

      -Basic Bicycle Tune-up

      -Advanced Bicycle Tune-up

      -Complete Overhaul Bearing Systems

      -New Bike Assembly

      -Wheel Truing

      -Wheel Building

      Cost Per Session:

      Special Introductory Offer (Through Feb., 2006): $5 per student

      (Volunteers receive special discounts, please contact instructor for
      details. Professional mechanics are welcome to participate and connect
      students with major repair needs.)


      6:45pm to 8:00pm

      -Students Provide Own Bicycles

      -Student May Use Own Stationary Rear-Wheel Trainer

      -Class Has Available 20 Brand New CycleOps Magnetic Stationary Rear-Wheel
      Trainers w/ Remote Resistance Control

      -Each Session w/ Unique Musical and/or Video Programs

      -Cardiovascular, Fat Burn, Sprint, Power Interval, Steady State and

      -Please bring your own hydration needs and sweat towels

      -All Level Students Welcome

      -No-Pressure Inclusive Atmosphere - Train Taking It Easy or Challenge

      Cost Per Session:

      Special Introductory Offer (Through Feb., 2006): $5 per student

      (Volunteers receive special discounts, please contact instructor for

      Class Size Limited, Please RSVP Early to Reserve Your Spot

      CONTACT: STEVEN KUNG 503-957-6672 sfnkung@...




      Community Cycle Touring Club

      A Global Non-Profit Organization



      -Promote cycling as an alternative to fossil fuel burning vehicle

      -Develop rider self-reliance through bicycle repair, maintenance, safety,
      exercise, and survival training programs

      -Nurture camaraderie, cooperation, and teamwork among community
      cycling club

      -Organize affordable environmentally responsible long-distance cycling

      -Replicate supportive community cycle touring clubs globally

      -Facilitate cross-border and cross-cultural exchange cycle touring

      -Achieve self-sustaining organic growth through non-profit grass roots



      Steven Kung always loved riding his bicycle since a little boy.
      However, he stopped riding after he got his driver's license at 16.
      When he was 37, Steven received a $35 garage sale bike with a broken
      bottom bracket. He fixed it and rode with his neighbors. He discovered
      he loved riding so much he became a certified professional bicycle
      mechanic at United Bicycle Institute in Ashland Oregon, after being
      down-sized from IBM.

      Steven promised himself he must travel Europe before he turned 40.
      When he was 39 he rode alone & self-supported from London through
      Paris to Rome in 3 weeks, spending $1500 for the whole trip including
      airfare. The following year he traveled in China by bike, hiking, bus,
      and rail for 3 weeks tracing his roots and discovering the lives,
      foods, and languages of ordinary Chinese people.

      During the second Iraq war Steven realized he must do something to
      increase world peace. While riding up Chehalem Mountain in Newberg,
      Oregon, he could not stop his tears when imagining Iraq with peaceful
      scenery, people, and children.... perhaps just like Oregon. He felt
      compelled and conceived the idea of a global grass roots movement to
      connect diverse people through exchange cycle touring.

      After months of reflection, he introduced this idea in a public forum
      called MindTrust, a Portland Oregon Yahoo Group focused on
      heart-centered ideas sharing, and received much encouragement. He
      realized the way for him to help bring people of different cultures
      together is for him to show people how easy and healing it is to
      travel, discover, and share, on a bicycle. He made a decision to
      invest time and money toward the goal of creating global bicycle
      touring communities that would eventually conduct cultural exchange
      tours. The Community Spin Training & Cycle Repair Clinic is the first
      step in Steven's journey to realizing that vision.

      Please come join Steven and many others on this journey, if you enjoy
      bicycling and travel, and share the same conviction for creating a
      more peaceful world community.

      (If you are interested in creating your own local exchange bicycle
      touring club, would like to conduct exchange tours with our Portland
      Oregon club, or would simply like to volunteer or contribute in your
      own way, please contact Steven Kung.)
      P.S., Steven has a day job as an electrical engineer and does not
      intend to derive personal monetary gain from the spin classes or
      repair clinics. The costs of holding the classes must be offset in the
      long run by participant donation, institutional grants, and
      volunteerism as would be the case in any successful non-profit
      organization. The session costs currently will go towards paying off
      the loan taken to invest in the cycle trainers and space rental. If he
      trial classes indeed prove self-sustainable, the next step will be to
      file for a 501(c)(3) non-profit status with IRS.
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