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Club Activities/Projects Update, 5/8/06

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  • Steven Kung
    The following is a summary of general updates plus items discussed during two volunteers meetings that took place on 4/30/06 and 5/6/06. The volunteers
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2006
      The following is a summary of general updates plus items discussed
      during two volunteers' meetings that took place on 4/30/06 and
      5/6/06. The volunteers present were: Steven Kung, Scott Potter, and
      Aaron Tarfman.

      -Both the Lake Oswego School District and Evergreen School District
      Spring Bicycle Mechanics classes did not have enough enrollment for
      us to hold class economically. We had anticipated this possibility
      because our class offerings were added after promotional materials
      were printed. Currently we are still scheduled to deliver Summer
      Camp classes.

      -Congratulations to Scott Potter and Evan Burgad for starting their
      new jobs at Gateway Bicycles and Fat Tire Farm, respectively. This
      also means these two excellent volunteers who have tiredlessly
      helped at our Saturday community repair clinics will likely not be
      available on weekends. Scott will make his space available to us for
      the clinics even though he will not be there. Thanks Scott!

      -We need to solicit volunteer support for the Saturday clinics.
      There are also ways to make our clinics more efficient, suggestions
      are below.

      -The Organization Document is coming along, Steven is about 75% done
      with it. This document is needed for our IRS 501(c)3 non-profit
      organization status application.

      -Aaron has volunteered to pick up the website
      construction/coordination responsibility. Steven created a 1st draft
      of the ExchangeCycleTours.org website functionality specification.
      This spec will be used to solicit contract bids and feedback.

      -Aaron has created a sample homepage of ExchangeCycleTours.org.

      -Steven has created a draft model for conducting Exchange Cycle

      -Ideas for improving our community service delivery was discussed.

      -Ideas for fundraising were discussed.

      -Steven created a process document for weekly club ride planning and
      web posting.

      -The idea of creating Bike Mechanic Training Software, Bike Repair
      Wizard, and DVD were discussed.

      -The idea of creating a DYI Bicycle Service Center and a Self-Paced
      Bike Mechanic Certification program was discussed.

      Ongoing Action Items are:

      1. Use graphical aids and/or multimedia tools to allow fewer
      mechanics to help more clinic participants simultaneously. The same
      tools can also be used in School Clinics.

      2. Streamline our Group Ride planning and anouncement process to
      save volunteers' time and to direct web traffic to our Yahoo Group

      3. Consider jointly leasing or buying a suitable long-term Club
      Headquarters location to serve as potential Club employee residence,
      clinic/shop space, and project development office. Look into

      4. Push for creation of ExchangeCycleTours.org website to gradually
      migrate online presence and funtionality from Yahoo Group.

      5. Flesh out the Exchange Tours implementation model.

      6. Continue to plan for weekly club rides. Gradually get
      anouncements out earlier.

      7. Plan out local Club Tours on a yearly calendar.

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